M.A.R.S Invades the Greater New York Dental Meeting – Part 2

M.A.R.S Invades the Greater New York Dental Meeting – Part 2


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M.A.R.S and our Trusted Distributors know that amalgam separators have been a requirement in New York and New Jersey for a number of years now. The issue with the current compliance, due to misinformation and lack of education on the required maintenance of the typical amalgam separator, most Dental Practices are either; paying roughly 50% more than what is necessary, are non-compliant due to lack of maintenance, or both.

The 2018 Greater New York Dental Meeting is all about educating Dental Professionals on newer and better technology, which not only protects the environment better than the traditional system but also offer massive savings to Dental Practices. Visits the booths of any of our Trusted Distributors to learn how you can spend less and get more with the M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS.

To help encourage Dental Professionals to save with the LibertyBOSS, M.A.R.S is offering a FREE Promotional gift with any LibertyBOSS purchased within 10 business days of the GNYDM (November 24th – December 12th, 2018). When you upgrade your practice to the LibertyBOSS, you have the choice of one of the following Promotional items;

1) LINZ 3 Pack Evacuation Line Cleaner ($265 value) and Quick Disconnects ($50 value)

2) Upgrade Kit ($165 value) and PowerLINZ Evacuation Line Cleaner ($136.95 value)

FREE Advertising

Every Dental Practice with a M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS receives FREE advertising as an environmentally friendly dental practice, use our Find a Dentist app to find an office that has already upgraded in your area.

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Trusted M.A.R.S Distributors

Currently, most Dental Practice has a non-compliant amalgam separator and paying on average 50% more than they have to on their compliance costs. During the 2018 Greater New York

Dental Conference, Trusted M.A.R.S Distributors would be providing Dental Professionals with easy and cost-effective solutions to the EPA compliance.

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Dansereau Health Products – Booth 2815

An American dental equipment manufacturer for over 50 years, Dansereau Health Products make some of America’s highest quality dental equipment at reasonable prices. Their direct sales strategy gives the Dental Professional the best bang for their buck when purchasing the high quality, low-cost products at Dansereau Health Products. Visit Booth 2815 to experience the quality of their American Made products in person.


Dental Fix – Booth 4417 (Darby Booth) & Booth 400 (Dental Whale Booth)

M.A.R.S Bio-Med has been happily working with Dental Fix for nearly five years. Our positive experiences with this company is why M.A.R.S is excited to have added every Dental Fix Owner to our Family of Trusted Distributors. Both the New York and New Jersey Dental Fix Owners are excited to help educate their clients on the best option for amalgam separation, the M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS.

The reach of Dental Fix is growing, that is why this year you are able to see them in two booths, the Darby Booth (4417) and the Dental Whale Booth (400). Be sure to speak to your local Dental Fix representative to learn the difference Dental Fix can make in your Practice.

dental fix van

IQ Dental – Booth 2203

IQ Dental Supply is a family-owned company with a proven track record of putting the customer first. They guarantee the best possible service and your complete satisfaction. IQ Dental was created by experienced Service Technicians, who were tired of seeing their customers overcharged and oversold for products and services. The mission of IQ Dental is to provide the Dental Industry with the best quality service and products, at a fair rate to the clients.

IQ page

Supply Clinic – Booth 711

Known as the “Amazon of Dentistry,” Supply Clinic was created by Dr. Scott Drucker and his brother Jacob. Their idea? Build a marketplace to allow all qualified sellers to compete on price and service.

Supply Clinic

Greater New York Dental Meeting at Booth 1905

Once again, M.A.R.S is exhibiting in New York, New York, from November 26th to the 29th at the 2018 Greater New York Dental Meeting. Visit M.A.R.S! From new technologies to new concepts in the practice of dentistry, the Annual Meeting offers you the opportunity to stay engaged and informed. We hope to see you there!

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