Guarantee of Compliance – The “ONE” Simple Rule that Will Save You Money When Investing in an Amalgam Separator

Guarantee of Compliance – The “ONE” Simple Rule that Will Save You Money When Investing in an Amalgam Separator

M.A.R.S Technical Specialist discusses the advantages of a written Guarantee of Compliance with your amalgam separator.


The EPA Amalgam Separator Regulation is on the mind of Dentists in the United States. This will be the second blog released from M.A.R.S regarding the EPA Regulation, since the release on July 14th, 2017. In the last blog, What American Dentists Need to Know about the New EPA Regulation, explained why Dental Practices are being targeted by the EPA and POTWs, the issue with ISO 11143:2008 amalgam separators and what is best for your practice. This blog is going to be very short and to the point, for the reason is that there is “ONE” Simple Rule when choosing the right amalgam separator for your Dental Practice.

The “One” Simple Rule

Get a WRITTEN Guarantee of Compliance from any amalgam separator manufacturer before purchasing their system. A manufacturer of a compliance product should be confident enough in their products to guarantee that all Dental Practices with their system will meet or exceed any current or future requirements. If the manufacturer cannot guarantee your compliance, why invest in their products?

The Logic Behind the “One” Simple Rule

You could have the cheapest amalgam separator, the most expensive amalgam separator or the most common amalgam separator. If the manufacturer isn’t protecting their customers by guaranteeing your compliance, how protected is your office? Cut through all the marketing of all the amalgam separator manufacturers;

– Forget about their features
– Forget about their require maintenance
– Forget about their cost

If you cannot get the manufacturer to give you IN WRITING a guarantee of compliance that your practice is protected from any current or future regulation, then why are you considering purchasing their system?

Your local regulators (most commonly Privately/Publicly Owned Treatment Works), have the legal right to require you to purchase “Best Available Technology” if your current system does not meet their requirements. Regardless of when you installed the system or how old it is. If your amalgam separator does not meet their standards, you will be required to reinvest in a new system.


An Example of a Guarantee of Compliance

An excellent example of a Guarantee of Compliance is the one from M.A.R.S Bio-Med that comes with every LibertyBOSS amalgam separator, it states:

“If the LibertyBOSS technology should fail to meet or exceed the respective regulations due to M.A.R.S.’ technology shortcomings, M.A.R.S. Bio-Med (“M.A.R.S.”) will make the appropriate adjustments to the LibertyBOSS, as further described on M.A.R.S.’ website. If the LibertyBOSS technology should fail due to a larger volume of amalgam waste produced or another distinctive feature of the dental office, M.A.R.S. will suggest additional M.A.R.S.’ technology products to assure compliance.”

A Written Guarantee of Compliance

When you are a part of the M.A.R.S Family of Environmentally Friendly Dental Practice, M.A.R.S guarantees the protection of your Dental Practice, Staff, and Community.

Remember, if you do not want to spend hours researching different amalgam separator on the market, simply ask the “ONE” simple question of the manufacture “do you guarantee my compliance”. If they cannot offer you in writing that your practice is protected with their product, this will shorten the list of amalgam separators to choose from.

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