How Creative Marketing is Leaving you Non-Compliant- Part Three: Honest Advertising (Verifying Information Yourself)

How Creative Marketing is Leaving you Non-Compliant- Part Three: Honest Advertising (Verifying Information Yourself)

Our final installment of this blog series is about honest advertising, so we decided to post an entirely honest statement from our advertising.


Misleading Honest Advertising

“The M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS can service a 3 chair Dental Practice with NO Maintenance, NO Filters, NO inspections and GUARANTEED Compliance for 3 years.”

In the two previous blogs of this series, we posted exaggerated statements, similar to the ones used in some amalgam separator manufacturer’s advertising. This statement, though technically accurate, have misled Dental Professionals who didn’t pay full attention to the fine print. For our final installment to this blog series will will talk about honest advertising; we decided to post an entirely honest statement from our advertising.

A View of Honest Advertising

The M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS has been designed to service a dental practice for up to 3 years without service or maintenance. The confidence we have in the quality of our products allows us to offer not only the guaranteed service life of your LibertyBOSS but also a guarantee of compliance. If your LibertyBOSS is found by your Local Control Group to be non-compliant, M.A.R.S will make the appropriate changes to your system, at our cost, to bring you to compliance.

For those of you who have been following our blogs, you will know that the EPA Regulation Final Rule requires all amalgam separators to be maintained and inspected based on manufacturer’s specification found in the amalgam separator’s user manual. The following is all that is required by the LibertyBOSS’ user manual:

honest advertising

Please click on the link to see the full LibertyBOSS User Manual and Installation Guide.

Accurate Inspection and Maintenance Schedules

So now the question is, how do we determine a precise service schedule for those amalgam separators which do not provide one?

We would love to suggest speaking with your Service Technician. The issue is unless your Service Technician has received specialized training on amalgam separator maintenance, the odds are they can only quote what is advertised by the manufacturer. Not to mention, many amalgam separator  manufacturers neglect to inform their distributors and customers about the negative features of their product, such as regular required inspections.

The following are recommendations to provide yourself with reasonably accurate service schedules on the amalgam separators you currently have or considering purchasing:

1) Read the Manufacturer’s User Manual

Currently, amalgam separator manufacturers are not required to advertise, publically, all mandatory inspections and maintenance to their customers. That being said, the manufacturer is expected to have the information listed in their User Manual. For any of the amalgam separators you are considering purchasing, be sure to read the system’s user manual and make a note of any required maintenance and inspections. This information may not be located all in one spot of the manual, so it is recommended to read the entire document. For amalgam separators to function as intended by the manufacturer, the system needs to be maintained to manufacturer specifications. Easy to Follow Amalgam Separator Maintenance Videos Click on the provided link to view the instructional videos on the maintenance and inspection of the top six amalgam separators sold in North America.

2) Contact your Local Control Group

Many Dental Professionals are still not aware that the EPA Regulation is a bare minimum guideline meant for Local Control Groups like Water Treatment Plants to create and enforce their own Best Management Practices.

Currently, the bare minimum requirement is to maintain the amalgam separator to manufacturer’s specification. If your Local Control Group decides that requirement doesn’t meet their standards, they have the right to supersede the EPA Regulation and enforce stricter standards. It is recommended to contact your Local Control Group to get their BMPs for amalgam separation, to ensure your amalgam separator meets their standards.

3) Get a written Guarantee from the Manufacturer

Already Have an Amalgam Separator If you have realized that your system is costing you more money than you have thought initially, you may want to contact the manufacturer to ask them why you have to service their amalgam separator so often. If they cannot provide you with an answer, ask them to guarantee a locked price. If they are unwilling to give you a set amount with a guaranteed service life, you will save money and time by searching for a less expensive system.

Researching Amalgam Separators

Every manufacturer should be able to give you an accurate service life breakdown. It is encouraged to contact the manufacturer of every amalgam separator you are considering. Ask them for their system’s service life based on your practice’s size and ask them for a guarantee in writing. If they do not provide you with some assurance, that system should be removed from your list of amalgam separators you are considering.


Thank you for following our Blog Series on Creative Marketing in the Amalgam Separator Industry. M.A.R.S hopes this information has helped you understand the actual required maintenance and cost of amalgam separators. Please keep following our weekly blogs as we strive to supply the Dental Industry with up-to-date information about amalgam separator compliance, use of evacuation line cleaners, infection control protocols and tips to save your Dental Practice time and money.

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