M.A.R.S’ Journey through Ohio to the Keely Dental Society – Part 1 – Trusted Distributor – Dental Fix

M.A.R.S’ Journey through Ohio to the Keely Dental Society – Part 1 – Trusted Distributor – Dental Fix

M.A.R.S had an amazing journey this week through Ohio, starting in Cleveland and ending in Cincinnati, and we want to share our experience.

During last year’s Ohio Dental Association meeting, M.A.R.S was invited by the Keely Dental Society’s President, Dr. Elizabeth Mueller, to help educate her members on the EPA Regulation, the science behind amalgam separators, and what is required of Dentists to guarantee their compliance. M.A.R.S agreed without question to help be the light through the fog of misinformation for these Dental Professionals.

Taking advantage of our time in Ohio, M.A.R.S chose to send the Leading Amalgam Separator Compliance Expert, Jason Buyukozer, a few days early to spend time with our wonderful Trusted Distributors.

Trusted Distributor – Dental Fix Rx

During our adventure in Ohio, we spent time with John McConaughey, Pete Ritchey, Ted Chen, and Fai Leung. Unfortunately, due to engagements in New York next week, we missed out on seeing; Bill Fiscus, Pete Strifler, Tim Bauserman, Grant Holbrook, and Tyler Thornberry. Trusted M.A.R.S Distributors we will have to spend more time with on our next trip.

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John McConaughey – Youngstown

We began our trip joining John of Dental Fix providing his clients with a compliance consultant to ensure their compliance. When planning this trip, John was the first Dental Fix Franchisee to jump at the chance of me working with him and help his clients with their compliance questions.

Unfortunately, John fell ill, late last year, being bedridden of over a month in recovery. John’s strong will to provide for his clients helped speed his recovery in time to join our Technical Specialist on the consultations. Spending the day together, M.A.R.S and Dental Fix were able to help a half a dozen Dental Practice better understand their compliance needs.

M.A.R.S is grateful for the time spent with John, as we were able to learn more about this dedicated and passionate family man. After a day of hard work, John invited our Specialist home to meet his wonderful wife Melissa and children. For those of you lucky enough to have John servicing your area, you would do well to contact him to learn how he can improve your experience with a Service Technician.

Pete Ritchey – Cleveland

Time spent with Pete was short this trip, but productive. Pete had our Amalgam Separator Expert join him at a Dental Building in his territory. During the hour and a half, M.A.R.S visited five Dental Practice, offering insight on their amalgam separator compliance. During the short visit, M.A.R.S and Dental Fix were able to offer suggestions that not only saved the office from looming suction failure but as well as, collectively, thousands of dollars in savings.

Ted Chen – Columbus

Another short but sweet meeting with Dental Fix, our time with Ted was to help a new member of the M.A.R.S Family of Environmentally Friendly Dental Practices. Ted had just upgraded this newly opened office to the M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS amalgam separator, giving them FREE Advertising as an Environmentally Friendly Dental Practice.

Environmentally Friendly Dentist MEDALLION

In addition to the advertising program with our amalgam separator, M.A.R.S and Dental Fix was able to teach the office how to create an infection control/marketing program using the M.A.R.S Method.

After our visit, the new business owners of this Dental Practice was impressed by Ted’s dedication to adding value to his customer’s offices with his services.

Fai Leung – Dayton/Cincinnati

Our time with Fai started with him joining us as support for the Keely Dental Society CE Course. We were grateful for both Dr. Mueller allowing Fai to join us and for Fai adding to our time with the members of the Keely Dental Society by offering his experience and knowledge.


Fai offered the Keely Dental Society members the insight of a Dental Service Technician, giving them another point of view of compliance. Fai was invaluable to both M.A.R.S and to the many Keely Dental Society Members.

Ohio Journey Continued

Follow our Wednesday’s blog where we will be discussing the time spent with our other Distributors, Integrity Dental and Capital City Dental & Compliance. We will also be highlighting the events of CE Course we taught to the Keely Dental Society.

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