M.A.R.S’ Journey through Ohio to the Keely Dental Society – Part 2 – Trusted Distributors and CE Course

M.A.R.S’ Journey through Ohio to the Keely Dental Society – Part 2 – Trusted Distributors and CE Course

As you may have read in Part 1 of this blog series, M.A.R.S had an amazing journey last week through Ohio, starting in Cleveland and ending in Cincinnati. Our last blog described how we were approached by the wonderful Dr. Mueller to share an understanding of EPA Compliance with the members of her Keely Dental Society in Cincinnati.

Taking advantage of our time in Ohio, M.A.R.S chose to send the Leading Amalgam Separator Compliance Expert, Jason Buyukozer, a few days early to spend time with our wonderful Trusted Distributors.

Trusted Distributor – Integrity Dental

Integrity Dental are new members of our Trusted Distributors, only joining us in September of last year during the ODA. Since the meeting, Integrity Dental has been incredibly excited to carry our brand of products. Before officially being signed up as a Distributor, they already started introducing their clientele to “a better way to be EPA compliant.”

Jims first Install

During our time in the Cleveland/Beachwood area of Ohio, M.A.R.S was happy to have spent our day with Jim Giffin of Integrity Dental. Jim is an extremely knowledgeable and dedicated Service Technician, always putting the needs of his clientele first. Knowing the value, savings, and quality of the LibertyBOSS, Jim arranged a one on one meeting with Manager of a large Ohio based Dental Group.

During this meeting, Jim and our Technical Specialist Jason explained the benefits of the LibertyBOSS. Though the meeting was going well, it was still hard to portray the value of the LibertyBOSS, when the office felt their current systems (they had three), were servicing them well for less money. The issue was, their previous service company did not educate this office on the required WEEKLY inspections necessary on their amalgam separator, nor showed them how to perform and record the inspections properly.

To provide insight into the office’s compliance, M.A.R.S and Integrity performed a Compliance Consult. We examined their current systems, educated on the proper inspections/maintenance of their current systems, and illustrated the condition of non-compliance left behind by their previous Service Company.

After the Compliance Consult, the cost and time savings made upgrading their offices to a LibertyBOSS, “a no brainer.”

Trusted Distributor – Capital City Dental and Compliance

M.A.R.S has a brief meeting with Capital City Dental and Compliance the day of our CE Course with Keely Dental Society. The meeting was only a couple of hours because of how busy their week had been. Though the time was short, it was very productive.

Install 4

Jason Walker, Equipment Specialist/ Field Technician at Capital City Dental and Compliance, sat our Technical Specialist in front of the Capital City Dental and Compliance Service Team to provide them with a deeper understanding of the EPA Regulation, amalgam separator maintenance, and the M.A.R.S Products.

After our discussion, Capital City Dental and Compliance is all about educating the Dental Industry. One of the most exciting topics of discussion was arranging a CE Course of EPA Compliance this year before the 2019 Ohio Dental Association Convention. Please stay tuned to our event releases to find out more about the training courses provided by Capital City Dental and Compliance.

Keely Dental Society

The Keely Dental Society is the first Dental Society/Group that M.A.R.S was able to teach in person; we were happy to have such an engaging and genuinely interested group of Dental Professionals. Even before beginning the presentation, many of the Dentist was asking questions, often trying to confirm the information provided by their Service Company or the ODA.

CE Course-min

Unfortunately, many of these members were misled with misinformation, mostly due to a lack of understanding from whoever shared their knowledge. Fortunately, most of the members were not affected by the misinformation, and for those who were, M.A.R.S was able to provide simple solutions to guarantee their compliance easily.

Some of the information these Dental Professionals were misinformed about was a non-existent “grandfathering” rule in the EPA Regulation, and what is in the discharge local regulators were interested in capturing. After the one hour CE Course, you can see the relief in the eyes of the Dentists, as they are now armed with the correct information on their compliance. The process was not as nearly complicate, nor costly as they had first thought.

Suffolk County Dental Society

There was so much to share about our journey through Ohio; it ended up taking two blogs to describe our adventure. The blog series “Are You Getting the Service You Paid For? The Costs of a Non-compliant Amalgam Separator” will have to continue in February, after our blog on Suffolk County Dental Society, as well as the blog explaining our time in Boston, during the Yankee Dental Congress.

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