Proper Installation of LibertyBOSS Amalgam Separator

M.A.R.S. demonstrates the proper installation of the M.A.R.S. LibertyBOSS amalgam separator and removal of Solmetex Hg5.


Removal of Solmetex Hg5 and Installation of a M.A.R.S. LibertyBOSS Amalgam Separator Video


Any Questions?

If you have any questions about the installation of your LibertyBOSS amalgam separator please do not hesitate to call us at 1-866-594-3648 or text or call our Technical Specialist at 647-986-3648.

You can also check out the LibertyBOSS Facebook Page or M.A.R.S. Bio-Med Facebook Page for more information. You may also like to browse through our Frequently Asked Questions Page, or our Contact Us Page.

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