The LibertyBOSS’ Journey to the Nova Scotia Dental Association Annual Meeting

The LibertyBOSS’ Journey to the Nova Scotia Dental Association Annual Meeting

For the first time, M.A.R.S and our LibertyBOSS is on Nova Scotia soil, here to attend the Nova Scotia Dental Association’s Annual Meeting. For those of you following the LibertyBOSS’ journey across Nova Scotia, you will know that we are having an amazing experience visiting this Province for the first time. M.A.R.S is pleased with the early results of sending the LibertyBOSS on a week’s long adventure to Nova Scotia. We have created some amazing awareness of the need for TOTAL mercury capture, especially for those fishing communities.

LibertyBOSS’ Journey

LibertyBOSS’ Journey to the Nova Scotia Dental Association’s Annual Meeting

M.A.R.S will like to thank those of you who are actively following our LibertyBOSS’ adventure through Nova Scotia and tothe Nova Scotia Dental Association Annual Meeting. The Nova Scotian people are the true definition of Canadian Friendly. Never have we felt so welcome in a community like Nova Scotia. M.A.R.S hopes, with the help of the LibertyBOSS Amalgam Separator, we can do our part in keeping Nova Scotia as beautiful and clean as it is today.

LibertyBOSS’ Journey

The Merritt Family Adventure

The M.A.R.S introduction to the Merritt family, all started with a chance meeting in a General Store. On the journey to visiting Peggy’s Cove, it occurred to our Technical Specialist, Jason Buyukozer, the t-shirt he was wearing was not going to keep him warm enough along the shoreline. He stopped into a small General Store near Hatchet Lake to see if they had something warm to buy. Though the store had nothing, a patron, Danny Merritt, offered to take Jason to his home and give him a couple of sweaters. During the hour-long conversation, Danny had told Jason about the amazing journey his father, John Eugene Merritt, had during his career as a Dentist. Jason could not have imagined that the LibertyBOSS’ Journey would have lead him to what happened next.

The meeting with Danny had prompted us to learn more about Dr. Merritt and his career in Nova Scotia, which lead them to contact Dalhousie, where Dr. Merritt also worked as a professor. With the assistance of Cheryl Bell, Communications Advisor at Dalhousie University, we were put into contact with other past Dalhousie Professors, Dr. Frank Lovely, and Dr. Doug Chaytor, who was taught by Dr. Merritt. Below is a brief history of Dr. Merritt, piece together by those who knew him.

LibertyBOSS’ Journey

Information We Gathered on Dr. John E. Merritt

Dr. Merritt completed his schooling for Dentistry at the University of Toronto before joining the Second World War as an Officer near the end of the war. Dr. Merritt was a lover of art, many of the original artwork that he decorated his home with were pieces painted for him by Prisoners of War, who he traded dental work for the pieces of art.

A story Danny Merritt enjoyed sharing was about Dr. Merritt’s journey home from the war. Reaching the end of the Second World War, before the H-Bomb was dropped on Japan, Dr. Merritt and his fellow Officers were asked to volunteer to bring the fight to Japan. Dr. Merritt declined, as he shipped off to Europe after only being married for three days, so he wanted to get back home to his wife. A good friend of Dr. Merritt’s did volunteer to fight in Japan, so both gentlemen split off to head on different paths. Dr. Merritt went to England to await his journey home to Canada, and his friend shipped off to Canada to fly to Japan from Vancouver.

Due to the influx of soldiers making their way home after the war, Dr. Merritt could not find transportation to Canada for nearly a year. But his friend, the one who volunteered to fight in Japan, was halfway through Canada when the H-Bomb was dropped, ending the need to send soldiers. Due to the timing of everything, Dr. Merritt’s friend made it home months before Dr. Merritt.

Once Dr. Merritt returned home, he started his practice in Halifax, Nova Scotia on the corner of Coburg Rd. and Edward St. According to Danny, Dr. Merritt was a bit of a workaholic. Working 12 hour days, six days a week at his practice. Only taking Sunday’s off to help his wife with the bookkeeping at their Church, All Saints Cathedral.

Dr. Merritt was very successful in his Dental career and active in the Dental Community. According to Dr. Chaytor, a student of Dr. Merritt “he was a prime mover, and I believe chair for several years, of the Atlantic Provinces Dental Convention.” One of the most interesting aspects of Dr. Merritt’s career was mentioned during the conversation with Danny Merritt. He gleefully boasted that his father was appointed as the Queen’s Dental Surgeon, and had Robert L. Stanfield won the election against Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Dr. Merritt would have also been the Dentist to the Canadian Prime Minister.

Aside from Dentistry Dr. Merritt had many talents. According to Danny Merritt, his father had a photogenic memory, memorizing the books he read at Harvard while his family lived there for some months. Dr. Merritt’s family use to quiz his skills on recalling obscure information on almost every topic. Dr. Frank Lovely was reminded “He [Dr. Merritt] had many hobby talents. A pretty good painter and made many lovely violins and a computer geek far before their time hence making his own.”

LibertyBOSS’ Journey


Dr. Merritt has done some fantastic things in his life, touching many people. In our opinion, one of the best things Dr. Merritt had done was to raise a compassionate and selfless person like Danny Merritt. Without Danny’s generosity, this unique and remarkable story would have never be revealed. The unexpected adventure given to use by Danny is why M.A.R.S is dedicating the first LibertyBOSS’ Journey blog leading to the Nova Scotia Dental Association’s Annual Meeting to the Merritt Family.

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