CleanLINZ + PowerLINZ + PowerLINZ

MARS Products 2016-min

M.A.R.S.’ LINZ program is a combination of CleanLINZ, an aggressive system and PowerLINZ, a maintenance system. This way we can control the reduction of the bio film and not flood your evac-u-trap, amalgam separator or pipe unions with released sludge.

Our system allows for CleanLINZ, the aggressive cleaner to work for the first 8 days of every quarter and our maintenance product, PowerLINZ daily evacuation line cleaner, to work for the balance of the 3 months. This is repeated every quarter so your lines can gradually return to their original state without releasing large clumps of sludge at one time.

The M.A.R.S.’ LINZ system is easier, safer and cost effective at only $0.53 per chair. One kit is enough to clean your amalgam separator 2 operatories for 1 year.




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