The Dangers of “Special” Pricing on Maintenance Type Amalgam Separators

The Dangers of “Special” Pricing on Maintenance Type Amalgam Separators

It does not surprise M.A.R.S anymore how creative maintenance type amalgam separators have to get with their pricing and marketing to “appear” more economical. M.A.R.S has seen them extend their filter’s advertised service life from “Every 6 months or when full” to “Every 12 months or when full” or practically give their amalgam separators away. Either way; those maintenance type of amalgam separators are high-cost systems. The true costs are hidden in the ongoing maintenance required on these types of systems. M.A.R.S is tired of hearing how much of Dentist’s hard earned money is being spent on these deceptive systems, simply because they were convinced by the manufacturers’ effective marketing. We are releasing this blog in hopes it will shine a light on the misleading marketing released by some amalgam separator manufacturers.

Maintenance Type Amalgam Separators

“FREE” Always Comes at a Cost with Maintenance Type Amalgam Separators

Maintenance type amalgam separators have “Show Specials” and low initial investment costs to hide the true cost of this high maintenance and high-cost amalgam separators. These manufacturers based their businesses on the Gillette Model. They could give you a “FREE” handle (amalgam separator) if you keep buying their blades (filters). Some of these filters range from $250-$600 USD, depending on the system you have. In many cases, for an average sized Dental Practice of 3 chairs, 1 doctor, and 2 hygienists, will experience filter changes every 6-8 months, with required weekly inspections to check for clogging and filling.

M.A.R.S is asking Dental Professionals; Dentists, Dental Assistants, Hygienists, Practice Managers and Dental Service/Supply Companies, to please use your critical thinking skills before you invest in an amalgam separator.

]Maintenance Type Amalgam Separators

When considering an amalgam separator, the following are some questions that you should be asking;

– What is the TOTAL cost of this system? (It is suggested to get a 2-3 year quote on the costs as the maintenance of the system are often more expensive than the initial investment).
– What is the required maintenance of this system? Will I have to inspect and maintain the system to remain compliant?
– Do I get a Written Guarantee of Compliance with this system? (Most amalgam separators don’t come with a written guarantee to keep you compliant no matter the current or future regulations. To protect your Practice and investment, get a guarantee).

Please contact M.A.R.S for more information about required service, maintenance, and costs of your current maintenance type amalgam separators or the amalgam separator you are considering. Visit our Distributor Page and contact the M.A.R.S Trusted Distributors trained on highlighting the hidden costs of maintenance type amalgam separators. You can also visit our Blog page to learn more about the EPA Regulation and what is expected from Dental Practices.

Please see our previous blog The True Meaning Behind Other Amalgam Separators Manufacturers’ Marketing to learn more about the subject of amalgam separators; marketing vs value.

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