M.A.R.S Bio-Med A Blog List to Look For in the Near Future

M.A.R.S Bio-Med A Blog List to Look For in the Near Future

M.A.R.S Bio-Med is known in the Dental Industry as experts in amalgam separation, EPA Amalgam Separator Regulation compliance, and evacuation line cleaners. We have an incredible following of Dental Professional, who trust and share our information throughout the Dental Industry. M.A.R.S would like to take this time to acknowledge those Dental Professionals who use their critical thinking skills to sort through the rampant misinformation infecting the Dental Industry today. We have been told our information is the light shining through the dishonesty spread by less informed individuals.

It does take time for our M.A.R.S professionals to research and confirm our information when posting our informative blogs twice a week. The following are blogs scheduled to be released by M.A.R.S in the weeks to come.

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Seven-Part Blog Series on answering the “Why,” “Who,” “When,” “What” and “How” of the EPA Regulation

Many Dental Professionals are not aware that the EPA Regulation has passed, let alone how to ensure compliance. This seven-part Blog Series will inform the Dental Industry on how to ensure compliance, even for those who have current amalgam separators that might not meet their local Control Group Standards.

Does your Amalgam Separator work for you, or do you Work for it?

How to Generate Revenue with an Amalgam Separator

This blog will show you the value-add and benefits of choosing proven superior technology in amalgam separation. When a Dental Practice makes the conscious decision to install a M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS, they get automatically enrolled in our “Find a Dentist” App, helping patients locate an Environmentally Friendly Dental Practices. Stay tuned to learn how a LibertyBOSS not only saves Dental Practices money but generates revenue.

Five Things Some Amalgam Separator Manufacturers Do Not Want You to Know

As some Dental Professionals may already be aware, almost everything in the Dental Industry must be taken with a grain of salt. There are some very creative marketing and product placements in this industry that has been created to mislead Dental Professionals intentionally. Even those professionals that Dentists trust most could be unintentionally repeating the wrong information, which could end up costing a Dental Practice. M.A.R.S hopes this blog will help highlight some serious facts about the amalgam separator industry, which will, in turn, assist Dental Professionals in making the right decisions in amalgam separator compliance.


How to Package an Old Amalgam Separator After Upgrading to a M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS

Many Dental Professionals have come to the realization that older amalgam separator technology requires significant maintenance that comes at a higher cost. Those who learn about M.A.R.S, find our low cost, no maintenance, free advertising program and guarantee of compliance to be a “no-brainer” decision to upgrade to the “Best Available Technology,” the M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS. This instructional video/blog will assist those new members of the M.A.R.S Family of Environmentally Friendly Dental Practices, seal up, package and send their old amalgam separator for recycling.

Is Your Technician Taking Advantage of Your Trust?

M.A.R.S recognizes and celebrates many of the Dental Industries Service Technician Professionals for their integrity, dedication to their customers, and knowledge of the vast array of dental products and equipment. Unfortunately, M.A.R.S has experienced some less than ethical behavior from some Dental Service Technicians. Behaviour that should not be tolerated nor ignored as it has resulted in Dental Practices being left non-compliant and convinced with underhanded sales tactics to purchase high maintenance and expensive amalgam separators. This blog will discuss some experiences M.A.R.S customers have had with their less than truthful Service Technicians.


Please stay tuned to the M.A.R.S social media accounts, blog page, and our distributor’s websites for our continuous, up-to-date information to help the Dental Industry keep compliant, save money and protect the environment. If you saw a topic mentioned in this blog and you would like the information before its release date, contact M.A.R.S at 1-866-594-3648 or email us at info@nullmarsbiomed.com. Alternatively, if we have not covered a topic of your interest regarding amalgam separators, EPA Regulation or evacuation line cleaners, please inform us, and we will be happy to research and report on the given topic.

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