The M.A.R.S Difference: Certified Amalgam Separator Specialists

The M.A.R.S Difference: Certified Amalgam Separator Specialists

M.A.R.S Certified Amalgam Separator Specialists and Trusted Distributors take their training one step further than just a standard Technician. Our Distributors chose to receive the specialized training on local regulation compliance, amalgam separator maintenance, and proper use of evacuation line cleaners. Their training allows our Distributors to provide their clientele a higher level of service to their clients.

The job of a Service Technician is not an easy one. There are hundreds of different mechanisms, equipment, and products for them to master. Service Technicians typically receives on the job training, pretty much learning while doing. The job of a Service Technician takes a special kind of skill to do this job correctly.

M.A.R.S. Certified Amalgam Separator Specialists

This Blog Series will be highlighting the major differences between standard Technicians and M.A.R.S. Certified Amalgam Separator Specialists. We will be examining examples from the experiences of our Trusted Distributors. The three main topics of compliance are;

1) Understanding local requirements

2) Amalgam separator maintenance

3) Acceptable evacuation line cleaner

Today’s blog will be focusing on the importance of a Service Technician knowing the local standards of compliance.

Understanding Local Requirements

In the compliance world of amalgam separators, there is much more to it than just having a system installed in your practice. For any Technician to guarantee the compliance of their clients, they should have an understanding of the standards and requirements set by their local governing body.

How Do M.A.R.S Certified Amalgam Separator Specialists Keep You Compliant?

M.A.R.S Certified Amalgam Separator Specialists are trained to know the standards of their local regulators. Rules can change from city to city, so it is important to have a Technician who is well versed in the requirements of your specific region.

An Example of M.A.R.S Certified Amalgam Separator Specialists Saving the Day

Darren Hartley of Dental Fix, British Columbia, one of our M.A.R.S. Certified Amalgam Separator Specialists, knows how important it is to know your local regulations. A frantic dentist called Darren because they were questioned by their local Water Treatment Bylaw Officer regarding their amalgam separator logbook. Some Cities and Regions of British Columbia has the same standards as the USA EPA. In both British Columbia and the United States, if an amalgam separator manufacture requires regular inspection and maintenance, a log is to be kept on record for up to 3 years.

Metro Van Code of Practice (1)

In the case of Darren’s customer, they had a filter based amalgam separator, which requires weekly inspections and filter changes roughly every 6 months. If a log of the mandatory maintenance is not kept on record, the City’s Inspectors would have to assume that their amalgam separator was not kept to manufacturer’s specifications. To remedy this issue of non-compliance for the doctor, Darren gave his client a copy of the recommended inspection log, listed on the City’s website. Now the Doctor is keeping regular inspections to appease the City’s expectations.

Darren’s next step was to introduce the Doctor to the NO Maintenance, NO Filter M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS amalgam separator.

Install 2

Next Stop, Amalgam Separator Maintenance

Follow the next blog in this Series to learn how a M.A.R.S Certified Technician’s knowledge saves Dental Practices from mercury exposure, overspending on amalgam separator costs and suction loss.

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