M.A.R.S Education Courses; EPA Regulation, EPA Compliance, Infection Control and Preventative Maintenance with the Use of Evacuation Line Cleaners

M.A.R.S Education Courses; EPA Regulation, EPA Compliance, Infection Control and Preventative Maintenance with the Use of Evacuation Line Cleaners

M.A.R.S Bio-Med is known in the Dental and Pretreatment Industries as experts in amalgam separation, EPA Regulation, EPA compliance, and infection control with the use of evacuation line cleaners. If you are a Dental Society, Study Group, Dental Convention, Dental Supply or Service Company, Water Treatment Plant or regulating body in Canada or the United States, the following blog will outline all the educational courses that M.A.R.S can provide for your group.

Different M.A.R.S Courses

Each of these courses can be provided either in person or done as a webinar. The length of each course can be adjusted from anywhere between 10 minutes to 3 hours.

EPA Regulation

The unfortunate truth about the EPA Regulation, due to lack of knowledge by regulators and proper education for dental professional, there was a release of misinformation or partial information, that often leaves Dental Practices non-compliant. M.A.R.S offers a one hour course on how to efficiently guarantee compliance for Dental Practices. Our course reviews:

  • The history of the EPA “Dental Rule”
  • The Testing Standards used by Local Regulators
  • Proper handling and disposal for mercury waste
  • Review of a single page flowchart for the 94-page Regulation
    o Highlighting important information for compliance
  • Introduce part two and three of the course
  • Amalgam Separator Education
  • Evacuation Line Cleaner Education


Amalgam Separator

Many Dental Professionals, from Dentists to Dental Supply Company Representatives, have a knowledge gap when it comes to the amalgam separator industry. Having a good understanding of amalgam separators will provide Dental Professionals and Local Regulators, the tools necessary to ensure compliance with the EPA Dental Rule.

The second part of the CE Course will provide a deep understanding of:

  • The ISO testing standards for amalgam separators
  • How amalgam separators function
  • The proper installation of any amalgam separator
  • The maintenance required for the top six amalgam separators (hands-on training on each system when done in person)
  • Providing accurate service schedules for the top six amalgam separators
  • The inspection requirements of the top six amalgam separators
  • The failure points and troubleshooting techniques of these top six amalgam separators


Evacuation Line Cleaning

For the longest time, the Dental Industry has not had any standards set on evacuation line cleaners. Many of the most popular cleaners on the market are not only non-compliant to the EPA Regulation, but also can dissolve mercury out of an amalgam separator, damage suction lines, damage equipment, and void warranties.

Regular use of a good evacuation line cleaner is highly recommended in a Dental Practice. The use of a good daily line cleaner will provide the practice with simple preventative maintenance, will help ensure suction lines and pumps function at peak efficiency, as well as provide Infection Control to minimize cross-contamination between patients.

During the last segment of this three-part CE Course, we provide the following information:

  • Review the Center for Disease Control – Oral Health Division’s recommendations to minimize cross-contamination between patients
  • Help determine which evacuation line cleaners are effective and safe to use
  • Provide preventative maintenance tips with the use of evacuation line cleaners


Arrange your Training

If you are interested in arranging a training course for your specific group, please contact M.A.R.S Bio-Med at 1-866-594-3648 for more information.

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