M.A.R.S Gives Back to our Community Part 1 – Assisting our Trusted Distributors

M.A.R.S Gives Back to our Community Part 1 – Assisting our Trusted Distributors

M.A.R.S is a company that likes to think we have a high moral compass, always striving to do what is right for the Dental Industry, our Community, and the Environment. As M.A.R.S grows as a company, we try to give back to various charities as much as we are able. In 2018, M.A.R.S was introduced to many new charities and events that we are proud to be a part of and support.

M.A.R.S would like to thank one of our partners, Patterson Dental, who has introduced us to many of their charitable events throughout the year.

Patterson Sponsored Events

M.A.R.S sees our Trusted Distributors as members of our Family, people we strive to support in any way possible. This year, M.A.R.S was introduced to two charities through Patterson Dental Canada; Homelessness Connect in Edmonton and The Snowsuit Fund/Le Fonds Habineige in Ottawa.

Homelessness Connect

Every six months, on one day, at one location, Homeless Connect Edmonton works with guests experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless to access essential and dignity-enhancing services. They take this opportunity to create genuine connections within the community, sharing their stories with volunteers and building relationships with representatives from various community organizations that they can carry on after the event. Patterson Dental supplies the equipment needed for the many Dental Professional volunteers to provide free dental work for those who are in need.

Jolanta Ciezki of Patterson Dental Edmonton, spearheaded Patterson Dental’s involvement in this wonderful event, along with Steve Mytrunec, who volunteers his time to assemble and maintain the equipment.

Homeless Connect

M.A.R.S was able to assist Homelessness Connect by donating a LibertyBOSS to ensure that the whole program was run within the city compliance. We also included enough PowerLINZ to help disinfect the suction equipment between patients, using the M.A.R.S Method.

The Snowsuit Fund/Le Fonds Habineige

The Snowsuit Fund is an Ottawa-based charity that raises funds for the purchase and distribution of snowsuits to needy children, 15 years and under, in their community. They are an organization that is working to deal with the consequences of poverty within their region, a service that has seen a large increase in the years past. Last year (2017/2018), The Snowsuit Fund distributed over 16,000 new snowsuits to children in need. Money raised during these events goes towards providing warm clothing for children in need, bringing dignity and hope to families who simply do not have the means to provide the necessities for living.


Though this was the first year Patterson Dental’s Ottawa Branch participating in this event, it was still a great success. A group effort was made, but Gloria Dupuis did a lot of the organizing and drummed up support from Patterson Vendors. M.A.R.S was happy to help when Gloria asked for support. We were able to donate two LINZ 3 Pack evacuation line cleaners, which were an auction and sold to donate towards the money raised for the event.

ottawa branch

Local Community Charities

M.A.R.S is proud to support the charities of our Trusted Distributors, but we also look to help our local community. Follow our next blog learn about how M.A.R.S is supporting local charities.

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