M.A.R.S’ Guide to Properly Maintained Amalgam Separators and Consultations

M.A.R.S’ Guide to Properly Maintained Amalgam Separators and Consultations

M.A.R.S Bio-Med Technical Specialist Jason Buyukozer guides you through an understanding of amalgam separators and how to get a free consultation.


According to a 2014 City of Toronto survey, 70% of amalgam separators in Toronto is either not installed or maintained correctly. The issue is, very few dentists and some service companies do not have access to the required information to make sure amalgam separators are set up according to the City by-laws and maintained correctly, per the manufacturer’s specifications.

When Your Amalgam Separator is Not Maintained Properly

When an amalgam separator is not maintained properly, being non-compliant could be the least of your worries. Most Municipalities and Dental Associations do not have reporting systems in place to ensure compliance yet. The biggest issue of having an improperly maintained amalgam separator is it can damage your equipment. The following are some issues related to poor amalgam separator maintenance;

    • Your office might void the warranty of your pump
    • Experience partial or complete loss of suction
    • Require replacement of evacuation lines
    • Required replacement of a pump


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M.A.R.S Offers a FREE Consultation to Get You a Well Maintained Amalgam Separator

When an amalgam separator is maintained correctly, it can protect your equipment and make them last longer. This is why M.A.R.S is offering a FREE amalgam separator consults to any dental practice who would like assurance that their system is set up and maintained correctly. We will also include preventative maintenance tips, which could assist your practice in saving on service and product replacement.

For a complimentary amalgam separator consult please send the following to consults@nullmarsbiomed.com:

  • List number of total chairs
  • List number of full-time and part-time Hygienists
  • List total number of Dentists
  • Brand of evacuation line cleaner
  • How busy your practice is; busy, average, part-time
  • Your present service company
  • 3 photos
  • 1 photo of the amalgam separator with a flashlight against upper chamber (if applicable)
  • 1 photo with a flashlight against the filter (if applicable),
  • 1 broad photo of the whole mechanical room, including the amalgam separator and pump. (include one shot of the side of the separator showing both inlet and outlet) if applicable

M.A.R.S Products

M.A.R.S knows an amalgam separator is attached to the heart of your office, your pump. This is why we want to make sure your amalgam separator is functioning as the manufacturer intended. A M.A.R.S Consult will protect your pump, your staff, and the environment. You can also visit the M.A.R.S Distributor Page, to find M.A.R.S Certified Amalgam Separator Specialists. Never be caught without suction due to an amalgam separator clog again.

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