How the M.A.R.S Method Can Keep Your Customers Happy and Healthy

How the M.A.R.S Method Can Keep Your Customers Happy and Healthy

The M.A.R.S Method can help keep your customers happy and healthy, and wanting to come back to your dental practice.

There have been studies that have shown patients experience back-wash when they close their mouth over suction lines. In the first few inches of a suction line is the previous patient’s saliva. When a suction line is introduced into a new patient’s mouth, the first reaction of the patient is to close their mouth. This causes a negative pressure, backwashing the previous patient’s saliva, among other substances, into the new patient’s mouth. The back-wash can also occur when a saliva ejector tube is positioned higher than the patient’s mouth or when the saliva ejector is used at the same time as high volume suction.  

What the CDC Suggests

The CDC has released directions when it comes to saliva ejectors. “Suction lines should be disinfected daily. Dentists should contact the manufacturer of the dental unit to review proper use and maintenance procedures including appropriate disinfection methods.”

The following is suggested;

  • Do not advise or allow patients to close their mouth around the suction lines
  • Try to position suction lines below patient’s heads
  • Inquire about back-flow preventers to be installed on suction lines
  • If your suction is poor, try not to use both saliva ejector and high volume suction simultaneously
  • Purge and disinfect suction lines in between patients



The M.A.R.S Method

In most cases, we have found that dental practices find prevention methods (i.e. back-flow preventers) too expensive.
The M.A.R.S Method is an infection control procedure which uses the anti/antibacterial attributes of PowerLINZ to purge and disinfect suction line in between patients. This lessens the risk of cross contamination due to back wash, without the use of additional equipment. The M.A.R.S Method turns infection control into a marketing program for the dental practice. M.A.R.S has done this in hopes of creating an inexpensive and enticing method, which will have more dental practices purging and disinfecting suction lines in between patients. The M.A.R.S. Method is a value added system which will show your patients the extra care your dental practice takes to ensure their safety. Please view our educational video on the M.A.R.S. Method, we would be interested to get your feedback.

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