EXCITING NEWS!!! The M.A.R.S® Upgrade Kit Receives an Upgrade!!!

EXCITING NEWS!!! The M.A.R.S® Upgrade Kit Receives an Upgrade!!!

M.A.R.S® is thrilled to announce a change to our Upgrade Kits. In efforts to improve the value of the Upgrade Kit, we are replacing the case of PowerLINZ (Value $136.95) with a bottle of CleanLINZ (Value $139.95), provided inside the LibertyBOSS box. Though the MSRP will remain the same, the value of the product has increased, and benefits of the Upgrade Kit have improved.

Upgrade Kit

CleanLINZ vs. PowerLINZ

The original Upgrade Kits came with a case of PowerLINZ, our daily cleaner. One case of PowerLINZ will service a two-chair clinic for one year. PowerLINZ is a great product with many benefits, but offering its partner, CleanLINZ, it provides Dental Practices to the benefit of a shock system.


CleanLINZ is giving Dental Practices the tool they need to increase their suction strength greatly. CleanLINZ is a powerful enzymatic/bacterial cleaner that will breakdown the organic material stuck in vacuum lines. A one week purge of CleanLINZ will prepare the vacuum lines for the installation of a LibertyBOSS.


Save on the Shipping

Now with every Upgrade Kit, a year’s worth of CleanLINZ (for a four-chair clinic) is supplied inside the LibertyBOSS box. Streamlining the packaging means a reduction in shipping costs for all our customers.

Continued Benefits of the Upgrade Kit

Are you a DIY Doctor? Are you a practice looking to upgrade your amalgam separator? Are you installing an amalgam separator for the first time? If you fall into those categories, you will need a M.A.R.S Upgrade Kit.

Every kit;

  • Includes the recycling of any previous system (shipping not included)
  • Includes all parts needed for most LibertyBOSS installations
  • Includes a simple DIY Installation Instructions
  • Includes FREE advertising as an Environmentally Friendly Dental Practice
  • Includes a Written Guarantee of Compliance
  • Includes a Guaranteed Service Life
  • Includes an automatic compliance reminder
  • Includes the LibertyBOSS for up to 36 months, without the need for maintenance, filters, or inspections

Where to get an Upgrade Kit? Look for any of our Trusted M.A.R.S Distributors who will be able to help you upgrade your office to the LibertyBOSS amalgam separator.

M.A.R.S is Off to Texas

M.A.R.S was approached by Water Treatment Plants in Arlington, Texas to train the surrounding counties. Our training will educate these Water Treatment Experts about the new EPA Regulation, Amalgam Separator maintenance/compliance, and writing/implementing new Best Management Practices. While we are in Texas, we will be spending time with our Trusted Distributor, Dental Fix Rx. Stay tuned for next week’s blog to learn more about our adventure to Texas.

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