M.A.R.S’ May Adventure Michigan Dental Association & Florida Industrial Pretreatment Association

Today begins another busy but amazing month for M.A.R.S Bio-Med. We have four amazing dental conferences and one speaking opportunity with the Florida Industrial Pretreatment Association.

The following events that will be the topic of discussion for the upcoming M.A.R.S Blogs;

– Florida Industrial Pretreatment Association
– Michigan Dental Association
– Ontario Dental Association – Annual Spring Meeting 2019
– California Dental Association – Anaheim
– Mississippi Dental Association

The next two blogs will be discussing the FIPA Spring Workshop and the Michigan Dental Association meeting.

Florida Industrial Pretreatment Association

In 2018, M.A.R.S joined the Florida Industrial Pretreatment Association Spring Workshop. We were asked to provide their member insight on amalgam separators, the Dental Industry, and the new EPA Regulation.


For the FIPA 2019 Spring Workshop, M.A.R.S will have two speaking events, a Technical Session and a Workshop.

Thursday Technical Session

Title: Dental Practice Inspections- Hands-on Training with Amalgam Separators


As a precursor to M.A.R.S’ Friday Workshop, we will review technical information about amalgam separators; giving FIPA members hands-on experience with the top six amalgam separators available in Florida.

Friday Workshop

Title: Pollution Prevention Plans – How to Write, Implement and Enforce your BMPs for the new EPA Dental Regulation


FIPA Members will be introduced to the City of Toronto’s Pollution Prevention Plan as a starting place to create, implement, and enforce their own Best Management Practices. Our Workshop will illustrate how the City of Toronto regulates 3,500 Dentists using only 15 Inspectors to cover not only Dental but all regulated industries. The goal by the end of this Educational Course is every FIPA member will feel confident in their ability to create a BMP that will not only protects the interests of all parties but requires a minimal investment of resources.

Michigan Dental Association Annual Meeting

M.A.R.S is excited to attend the Michigan Dental Association meeting for the first time this week! We will be located next to our Trusted Distributor J & D Medical Maintenance LLC.

Visit booth 69 and 71 to learn how to ensure your amalgam separator compliance with no maintenance, no filters, and no inspections.

map 2019 (1)

Show Special

USA Show Special (1)M.A.R.S and our Trusted Distributors always believe in providing all the information necessary for a Dental Professional to make an educated choice on amalgam separators. Any Dental Professional who does their research would choose a LibertyBOSS 100% of the time!

When you are ready to upgrade, visit M.A.R.S and J & D Medical Maintenance for our MDA Show Special. Unlike most manufacturers, M.A.R.S and our partners don’t pressure Dental Professionals with short Show Special deadlines. We extend our special 10 business days after the meeting to give Dentists the time to feel comfortable with their choice to upgrade to a LibertyBOSS.ad

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