Below are some articles that state the affects mercury have on the environment.


Mercury Causes Homosexuality in Male Ibises

Abstract:  Exposure to mercury pollution could be hitting some wild birds’ reproductive prospects hard by causing males to pair with other males. American white ibises (Eudocimus albus) from south Florida that consumed methylmercury (MeHg), the most toxic and easily absorbed form of mercury found in the environment, were more likely to engage in same-sex pairings – a phenomenon unknown in wild populations of this species with no exposure to the pollutant.


Mercury Levels in Upper Ocean

Abstract:  Bluefin tuna accumulate mercury by virtue of their position atop the ocean food web. Mercury levels in the upper ocean have tripled since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, and human activities are to blame, researchers report today in Nature. Although several computer models have estimated the amount of marine mercury, the new analysis provides the first global measurements. It fills in a critical piece of the global environmental picture, tracking not just the amount of mercury in the world’s oceans, but where it came from and at what depths it is found.

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