M.A.R.S Blog Series on Correcting Misinformation about the EPA Regulation Warranty Void – Evacuation Line Cleaners – Part 2

M.A.R.S Blog Series on Correcting Misinformation about the EPA Regulation Warranty Void – Evacuation Line Cleaners – Part 2

We are continuing our series on misinformation spread about M.A.R.S®, our products, and the amalgam separator/evacuation line cleaner industry. To date, our series has covered two of the three dishonesties we are debunking in this blog;

We will be continuing “M.A.R.S Evacuation Line Cleaners will void the warranty of the LibertyBOSS.” The first segment provided insight into what makes a good evacuation line cleaner. We will continue the segment by explaining why the M.A.R.S LINZ Program will keep you compliant, provide a marketing strategy, and has been proven to reduce mercury discharge.

Proven Best Evacuation Line Cleaner

M.A.R.S® LINZ Program (PowerLINZ and CleanLINZ) have all the traits of a good line cleaner listed above and more. Not only is the LINZ Program a neutral, non-foaming, safe, and cost-effective cleaner; it also extremely effective at keeping equipment clean, as well as reduces the creation of soluble mercury. The added benefit of the M.A.R.S® Program, we provide a marketing strategy with our cleaning program.

LINZ Program Introduction M.A.R.S.’ LINZ program is a combination of CleanLINZ, an aggressive system, and PowerLINZ, a maintenance system. This way we can control the reduction of the biofilm and not flood your evac-u-trap, amalgam separator or pipe unions with released sludge.

Our system allows for CleanLINZ, the aggressive cleaner to work for the first 8 days of every quarter and our maintenance product, PowerLINZ daily evacuation line cleaner, to work for the balance of the 3 months. This is repeated every quarter so your lines can gradually return to their original state without releasing large clumps of sludge at one time.

The M.A.R.S.’ LINZ system is easier, safer, and cost-effective at only $0.41 per chair. One kit is enough to clean your amalgam separator 2 operatories for 1 year.

M.A.R.S Method – Marketing/Infection Control

The M.A.R.S Method is an infection/marketing control procedure which uses the antimicrobial/antibacterial attributes of PowerLINZ to purge and disinfect suction lines in between patients. This process lessens the risk of cross-contamination due to backwash caused by the negative pressure created when patients close their mouth around the saliva ejector. The “M.A.R.S Method” is a

value-added system which will show your patients the extra care your dental practice takes to ensure their safety.

LINZ Program Effectiveness

M.A.R.S® has countless loyal members of our Family of Environmentally Friendly Dental Practices. Many of them swear by all our products, including PowerLINZ and CleanLINZ.

Newmarket Dental Health

“Since using PowerLINZ and CleanLINZ evacuation line cleaners, we have noticed a tremendous change in the way our suctions operate. Not only are our lines more powerful, but we notice more solids being released from our lines into our traps. We feel this product is ensuring clean and reliable evacuation. Neutral pH means a safer and environmentally friendly method of system maintenance, and that makes our staff feel confident about using this product.”

Dr. Mingming Yan

“Since our office replaced or old line cleaner Gobble, with the M.A.R.S Bio-Med PowerLINZ Concentrate as our daily suction line cleaner. We have been very impressed with the quality of our suctions in our dental operatories. We have confidence that they will not lose suction during a busy 10 hour day with four rooms running at full speed. Combined with the use of CleanLINZ liquid concentrate…we noticed a huge difference in the performance in our suction volume as well as the reduction of sludge & debris that is collected in our suction traps.”

linz program (1)

Independent Studies

In February 2018, Purves Environmental released a White Paper on the reduction of mercury from a Dental Practice with a high mercury discharge. The M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS and LINZ Program were used in a prolonged study to test the effects each product have on reducing mercury discharge. The M.A.R.S LINZ Program, in conjunction with the LibertyBOSS, reduced the mercury to the lowest numbers ever seen in a Dental Practice.

The multi-phased process started the study by using CleanLINZ to clean and release solid mercury stuck in vacuum lines, generating the soluble mercury. After eight days of using the M.A.R.S Quarterly Shock cleaner, the mercury discharge reduced by 2,000,000 ng/L!

The next phase introduced the LibertyBOSS and the PowerLINZ Daily Cleaner, further reducing the discharge. At the end of the process, the clinic was discharging 300 ng/L of total mercury.

Follow Us to Florida!

M.A.R.S will be taking another short break on the Misinformation blog series. Next week we will be starting a new adventure. We begin by educating Water Treatment Experts in Florida about amalgam separator maintenance and EPA Compliance. We end the week by spending time with our Trusted Distributors in the exhibit hall of the Florida Dental Conference 2019! The last segment of this series where we will be speaking about non-compliant evacuation line cleaners will continue in July.

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