M.A.R.S Air Disinfection Units – Part 2 “Natural Bacteria Killers”

M.A.R.S Air Disinfection Units – Part 2 “Natural Bacteria Killers”

Everyone that I have spoken to remembers their parents and grandparents encouraging them to go outside when they got sick. Why? Well, atmospheric hydroxyls (OH) are the most effective bacteria killers on the planet. Now you know!

Natural Bacteria Killers

In fact, OH’s are approximately one million times more effective than ozone. Typical of nature to place this super bacteria killer, right under our noses, literally. As with most epic discoveries, this one comes at a time of great need. Our homes and multi-story office buildings are being sealed more effectively to assist in the climate control. Unfortunately, our homes and workplaces are becoming more comfortable and less healthy because we are locking out the natural solution. There is an end to the story of sick building syndrome, and it’s called atmospheric hydroxyls.



The Proof of Air Disinfection Units

Image result for air bacteriaOne of the old school sayings from my parents and grandparents was “the proof is in the pudding,” M.A.R.S agrees, so here is the pudding. We approached one of our distributors who had an odor problem in apartment building garbage rooms, which is not a surprise. You may know, that odor is a result of bacteria. Eliminate the bacteria and the odor is gone, so we installed a system. The customer called us back to let us know that the garbage room problem was gone. Not only was the garbage room smelling like “fresh cucumbers” but so was the garbage chute room – on the top floor. This system can remove bacteria, viruses and mold from many applications like Ambulances, Police and Fire vehicles, Homes, Offices and pretty well anywhere that has an odor issue that they want to eliminate.

MARS Air Disinfection Unit- Bacteria Killers

A success, definitely. There are two things that are most important to all life on our planet, air, and water, M.A.R.S is working hard to save them both.

(See Part 3 of this blog for our experiences with respiratory and asthma relief)

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