M.A.R.S Presents the New and Improved CleanLINZ Evacuation Line Cleaner

M.A.R.S Presents the New and Improved CleanLINZ Evacuation Line Cleaner

M.A.R.S is proud to announce we have reformulated our CleanLINZ Evacuation Line Cleaner to quadruple the number of bacterial colonies per CFU to 1 billion! After weeks of testing, we have determined that our new solution has outperformed our old formula by a large margin. For those of you who are familiar with the M.A.R.S Brand of Evacuation Line Cleaners, you will already know how big of a feat it is to create an evacuation line cleaner that can overtake our CleanLINZ.

Today’s video will be outlining one of the studies M.A.R.S performed to ensure we are providing our clients the better quality product.

The Material

To ensure accurate results, we took equal amounts of material from the same amalgam separator and placed them into similar jars.


The Formulas of CleanLINZ

For this experiment, we compared the new formula of CleanLINZ, on the left, and the original formula of CleanLINZ, on the right, in a side by side study. Examining each cleaner’s ability to break down material from the inside of a LibertyBOSS amalgam separator.


We measured 15 mL of each solution then poured them into separate beakers with 1 L of warm water. The mixed solutions will be introduced into to jars of material we prepared earlier.


The Combination

In under a minute of introducing the two formulas to the containers of amalgam separator waste, it was quite evident they both began to break down the organic material.


Within the first two hours, both formulas dissolved the solid waste, but the material hasn’t fully settled to the bottom of the containers. Upon reaching the 24 hour mark, all the material had settled to the bottom of both jars. By appearance alone, both formulas seem to perform equally well.

24 hours

A full 36 hours after introducing both formulas to the amalgam waste, we pour each container into the strainer originally used to measure the equal amounts of sludge at the beginning of this experiment.

The material coming out of the jar containing the original formula yielded great results, which was to be expected. The original CleanLINZ formula has always performed very well. Most of the material was broken down, with minimal residual solid sludge remaining.

When we poured the contents from the jar containing the new formula, the difference was immediately noticeable. The solid organic material from the beginning of this experiment had practically been dissolved into a liquid. Much of the original material was fine enough to flow through the strainer, leaving less material than we originally started.

beforeafter (1)

The Results

This comparison study had been completed a total of 4 times, each result having the new formula of CleanLINZ prevailing as the superior product. M.A.R.S is proud to announce; our new formula has already been released to the market on August 1st, 2018, with glowing reviews pouring in about the improvement of suction the new CleanLINZ formula has made for Dental Practices.

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