M.A.R.S Invades the Pacific Dental Conference with the Help of our Trusted Distributors

M.A.R.S Invades the Pacific Dental Conference with the Help of our Trusted Distributors

The Pacific Dental Conference is once again here, and M.A.R.S is excited to attend. Every year we have a hugely successful conference supporting our Trusted Distributors. The West Coast of Canada has many members of the M.A.R.S Family of Environmentally Friendly Dental Practices, and we have much of our thanks goes to our loyal and dedicated distributors. The service and support they offer Dental Practices go up and beyond the standards of the Dental Industry. The reason our distributors work with M.A.R.S is that they look for best available technology and best available training to provide the highest service possible to their clients.

For the first time at the Pacific Dental Conference, M.A.R.S will have five of our incredible distributors exhibiting. Today’s blog will be offering a brief description of each of our Distributors attending the PDC.

Trusted Distributors at the Pacific Dental Conference

It is well known that M.A.R.S is very selective about who we choose to be a part of the M.A.R.S Family of Trusted Distributors. Our vetting process ensures that any Doctor with a M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS receives the best available service and care. While you are walking the exhibit hall at the Pacific Dental Conference, please visit our Trusted Distributors, see what they have to offer you and your Practice.

Patterson Dental – Booth 419

M.A.R.S is honored to have Patterson Dental as our oldest and largest Trusted Distributor. Nearly ten years ago Patterson Dental saw the value M.A.R.S products can bring to their clients. Since then, to keep their clients safe and compliant, Patterson Dental Technicians receive specialized training, every year, on amalgam separator maintenance. Contact your local Patterson Representative today to see how they can save your practice money and keep you compliant.

Dental Fix – Booth 149

Dental Fix has been proudly working with M.A.R.S for over four years, providing value with every service and products they supply their clients. Allow one of their dedicated professionals illustrate the value-add and savings they can offer to your Dental Practice.

Dental Mart Sales – Booth 449

Dental-Mart Sales, Inc. takes pride in providing excellent customer service as well as competitive pricing for all of their customers. They are a growing company that is always striving to improve their service and product selections to suit their clientele better. Dental Mart and M.A.R.S have been working together for nearly four years, their dedication and drive for improvement are why M.A.R.S is proud to have them as a member of our Trusted Distributors.

New Trusted Distributors at the Pacific Dental Conference

Dens ‘N Dente – Booth 1435

Dens ‘N Dente was proudly created for Dentists by Dentists, to provide innovative solutions to the ever-changing trends and needs of the dental industry. The quality and value of the M.A.R.S brand are why Dens ‘N Dente is proud to be one of our Trusted Distributors.

RX Equipment Canada – Booth 403

RX Equipment Canada is an Alberta based service company brings lower cost and great products with service to the dental community. They are new to the M.A.R.S Family of Trusted Distributors, but they are eager to show you their knowledge and skill.

Pacific Dental Conference

Trusted Distributor’s Special PDC Offer

A 2014 survey, completed by the City of Toronto, found that majority of Dental Practices unknowingly have non-compliant amalgam separators. It will soon be common knowledge that B.C. Water Treatment Inspectors have recently received training to update their current knowledge on amalgam separator maintenance and inspections. Armed with a better understanding of amalgam separator compliance, Water Treatment Inspectors will be revisiting Dental Practice to ensure their compliance.

Follow our next Pacific Dental Conference blog segment which will be discussing the FREE service our Trusted Distributors are offering to guarantee the compliance of West Coast Dental Practices.

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