How to Package an Old Amalgam Separator After Upgrading to a M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS

How to Package an Old Amalgam Separator After Upgrading to a M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS

It is becoming well known that high-maintenance, high-cost amalgam separators, like the common filter type amalgam separators, are non-compliant due to the lack of required maintenance on these systems. When a Local Control Group inspects your Dental Practice, you could find that your old amalgam separator to be non-compliant as it may not meet their standards. Having a non-compliant amalgam separator could result in your Local Control Group requiring you to upgrade to better available technology. Do not fret, as this could be a blessing in disguise.


Many Dental Professionals have already come to the realization that older amalgam separator technology requires significant maintenance that comes at a higher cost and more work to remain compliant. Those who learn about M.A.R.S, find our low cost, no maintenance, free advertising program and guarantee of compliance to be a “no-brainer” decision to upgrade to the “Best Available Technology,” the M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS. This instructional video will assist those new members of the M.A.R.S Family of Environmentally Friendly Dental Practices, seal up, package and send their old amalgam separator for recycling.


The Following Are the Step by Step Instructions on Sealing Up an Old Amalgam Separator

1) The following are the tools required; 5/16 nut driver, 7/16 nut driver, pipe saw and duct tape
2) We begin to upgrade to a LibertyBOSS by removing the old amalgam separator
3) If your old amalgam separator has been hard piped in, cut the inlet pipe a few inches from where it enters the mechanical room. Leave roughly 3” of pipe from the chair inlet.
4) Turn on your suction pump to drain any excess water.
5) Use 5/16 nut driver to loosen the hose clamp on the rubber coupler attached to old amalgam separators inlet.
6) Lift pipe out of amalgam separator inlet.
7) Your system should look similar to the following

8) Place supplied closeout plug on the inlet of the old amalgam separator.
9) Tighten hose clamp on the rubber coupler, securing the closeout plug.
10) Similar to the process completed on the inlet, cut outlet pipe leading to the suction pump.
11) Pull the amalgam separator away from cut outlet pipe.
12) Loosen hose clamp on rubber coupler and detach pipe.
13) Insert supplied closeout plug.
14) Tighten hose clamp on rubber coupler, securing closeout plug in place.
15) Your old system should look similar to this photo.

16) If you are upgrading from a filter type amalgam separator; bring out your duct tape to secure the filter to the upper chamber.
17) Your old system should look similar to this photo.
18) Use your 7/16 nut driver to remove your amalgam separator from the mounting plate
19) Your old system should look similar to this photo.

20) Place the old amalgam separator into the plastic lined LibertyBOSS box from Step 4.
21) Pull bag over your old system, twist the bag to seal the bag.
22) Zip the bag shut to create a watertight seal for transport.
23) Place Stabilizing Insert over your old amalgam separator
24) Push Stabilizing Insert into the box, tucking access bag down.
25) Grab supplied box extension lid.
26) Pull LibertyBOSS flaps up, place extension lid over the top of the LibertyBOSS Box.
27) Close the lid flaps.
28) Tape the box closed, be sure to tape the lid to the LibertyBOSS Box. Securing the top will ensure it will not fall off during transport.
29) Keep the old amalgam separator mounting plate to take to a metal recycling plant. The aluminum plate is worth money.
30) If you are a Technician, you can store the plates from all your amalgam separator upgrades and cash in on a substantial return. (M.A.R.S has received $140 for 20 old amalgam separator plates).
31) Be sure to fill out your Warranty Registration Card entirely and email it to or fax it to 905-723-9610.


Registering Your LibertyBOSS Will…

a. Enroll your Dental Practice into the “Find a Dentist” App (Free Advertising Program)
b. Enroll you in the automatic compliance reminder program
c. Supply you with a Certificate of Compliance
d. Advise M.A.R.S of an Old Amalgam Separator at your practice to be recycled.


Shortly M.A.R.S will be releasing the “M.A.R.S Amalgam Separator Upgrade Kit,” a cost-effective and straightforward way a Dental Professional to easily upgrade their old and expensive amalgam separator to an M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS. The M.A.R.S Amalgam Separator Upgrade Kit will include all the parts needed to replace an old amalgam separator or install an amalgam separator for the first time, with very little required knowledge and tools.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact M.A.R.S at 1-866-594-3648 or contact our well-trained distributors by finding their contact information on the distributor page at

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