M.A.R.S Bio-Med’s Annual Training with Patterson Dental Ottawa

M.A.R.S Bio-Med’s Annual Training with Patterson Dental Ottawa

For those of you who follow our blogs, you are aware of our close relationship with our Trusted Distributors. This morning began the annual training session of Patterson Dental Canada’s Ottawa Branch. Today’s meeting was not quite the same format M.A.R.S experienced during our training with Patterson’s Western Branches. Ottawa’s Branch Manager, Mark Michael, has utilized short training sessions with small groups to ensure each group has a one on one approach with each Manufacturer Representative. This unique approach provided every Patterson Team member the information they need on the products to ensure they have the answers for their clients.

As it is for every company, the keys to success are with the company’s team and the leaders they follow. Today’s blog will be highlighting the leadership and sales team of Patterson’s Ottawa Branch.

Patterson Dental Ottawa

Patterson Dental Ottawa’s Leadership

There is a tremendous amount of respect surrounding the leaders of the Patterson Branch. Mark Michaels, Branch Manager, and Bill Atkinson, Service Manager, have an almost family-like approach with their teams.

Mark Michael

Mark has been with Patterson Dental for nearly 30 years, starting as a Patterson Sale Representative moving his way up to Patterson’s Branch Manager. Before joining the Dental Industry, Mark honed his social and customer service skills working at hotels. A family friend recognized Mark’s skills in customer relations and offered him a job as a Dental Manufacturer Representative. Though his run as a Manufacturer Representative was short-lived, it opened the door to the Dental Industry for him.

Mark started at Patterson as a Sales Representative, building his knowledge and expertise over ten years. In Mark’s eleventh year, he became the Branch Manager. After 18 years as Patterson Ottawa’s Branch Manager, Mark still says “it’s a choice I made 30 years ago and will never look back. Patterson has been a great lifelong experience.”

His passion for the Dental Industry, his Patterson Team, and clients is very evident to anyone who visits this beautiful branch. M.A.R.S is proud to have Mark and his team as a part of the M.A.R.S family of Trusted Distributors.

Bill Atkinson

Bill is relatively new as management at Patterson Dental, but he certainly doesn’t lack experience as a leader in the Dental Industry. Starting his working career as an automotive mechanic, building his abilities in anything mechanical. Similar to how Mark Michael joined the Dental Industry, Bill was introduced by a family friend.

His first job was as a Service Technician at a Dental Supply and Service Company called Denco. Since then Bill has spent the past 30 years working as a Service Technician in the Dental Industry, joining Patterson Dental as their new Service Manager almost two years ago.

You may ask, “What difference can someone make in two years?” M.A.R.S can contest to the significant difference Bill makes as a strong Service Technician leader. Over the past two years, M.A.R.S has noticed an improvement in the demeanor and enthusiasm from the Ottawa Branch’s Service Technician. An improvement created through respect and strong leadership.


Every Patterson Sales Representative and Service Technician already has a keen understanding of amalgam separators and compliance. Through the years of training and experience, these professionals only recommend the LibertyBOSS amalgam separator. The LibertyBOSS is PROVEN best available technology and the ONLY amalgam separator that requires NO maintenance, NO filters for up to 3 years.

Their knowledge and experience in amalgam separators are why today’s training was focused on evacuation line cleaners. Though a topic connected in amalgam separation, it is a topic that often gets glossed over. Patterson Representatives are used to Manufacturer Representative only pushing the benefits of their products, not speaking about infection control procedures or the standards in which makes an acceptable cleaning system.


Today, Patterson Representatives had their eyes opened to the world of evacuation line cleaners. There are a lot of different types of cleaners, some are good, and many are dangerous and damaging to equipment. Our educational course taught these Patterson Professionals how to determine which line cleaners are good, and which are bad, based on the information in the Safety Data Sheets. Powered by this new knowledge, the Patterson Sale Team are eager to assist their clients in choosing the best evacuation line system for their Practice. To get the same information the Patterson Professionals have, read our line cleaner blogs.


Sales Representatives

M.A.R.S always appreciates working with the Sales Team at Patterson Dental. Every meeting M.A.R.S gets the undivided attention of every Sales Representative. Today’s meeting wasn’t any different. Each of the Sales Representatives was not only excited by the material; they were madly jotting down notes while asking brilliant questions.

Claude Valliant, a veteran at Patterson Dental was taking notes during the M.A.R.S presentation, ensuring he is providing the most up-to-date information to his clients.

Liz Elliot and Christine Tremblay were engaged in the training session, both of them are incredibly excited to arrange Category 3 CE Course on Infection Control and Proper Handling of Mercury Waste.

MARS Method

Jeff Gaskell, the Birthday Boy, and Andy Hollis are both constantly in contact with M.A.R.S, actively updating their knowledge on evacuation line cleaners and amalgam separators. Both of them assisting with the training session by contributing their own experience with M.A.R.S and our products.

Bruno Parent has a stoic silence about him. He quietly takes notes during the training, only afterward approaching M.A.R.S to comment that our products are the only one he suggests to his clients. It is clear that Bruno will just put his reputation on products that he trusts, giving his clients a piece of mind that any recommendation from Bruno is one from knowledge and experience.

Catharine Wing is very new to the Dental Industry and Patterson Dental but full of sales experience. The questions Catharine was asking were insightful and quite evident that her experience in pharmaceutical sales has more than prepared her for the Dental Industry. Keep an eye out on Catharine; she will be making waves in the Ottawa Dental Community.

Trusted Distributors

M.A.R.S is exceptionally fortunate to have Patterson Dental as a part of our Family of Trusted Distributors. If you are in the service area of Patterson Ottawa, you will be surprised by the level of service and dedication you receive from this fantastic Patterson Branch.

Nova Scotia Dental Association

Please check back with us for our next two blogs discussing the lead up to the NSDA Dental Meeting and highlights of the Meeting’s events.

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