The Removal of a R&D CE24 Amalgam Collector for a LibertyBOSS Amalgam Separator

The Removal of a R&D CE24 Amalgam Collector for a LibertyBOSS Amalgam Separator

M.A.R.S Bio-Med Technical Specialist Jason Buyukozer removes an R&D CE24 Amalgam Collector and replaces it with a maintenance free LibertyBOSS Amalgam Separator.

This video was taken in a dental practice in Whitby, Ontario. They were experiencing suction loss in their 9 chair practice. The dentist first met M.A.R.S at a Durham Ontario Dental Society meeting. Our Technical Specialist Jason Buyukozer was a guest speaker on Amalgam Separator Compliance. Jason was asked to visit the dental practice for a free compliancy consult. The office manager had explained they had thought their suction issues could be caused by their BaseVac dry vacuum. They didn’t think it could be their amalgam separator as it was maintained daily by the office staff.

Upon investigating the mechanical room, it was quickly determined that their R&D CE24 Amalgam Collector was 100% the cause of their suction issues. It was lucky for them they had a quality made vacuum, or their R&D CE24 Amalgam Collector would have completely destroyed their vacuum system. That would have left them without the ability to service their patients. The following are the Issues and Solutions for this practice:

Sludge Build-Up in the R&D CE24

Issue 1

The sludge build-up on the inner walls of the amalgam separator prevented staff from realizing they were decanting toxic sludge instead of the water. They were unable to determine when the system was full. They were also not able to raise the decanting straw above the fill line, as it was gummed up and impossible to move.

Solution 1

Replace the R&D with a no maintenance amalgam separator, the LibertyBOSS Amalgam Separator. There is no longer a need for daily decanting and inspections of their amalgam separator.

Decanting Issues with the R&D CE24

Issue 2

The decanting tube was clogged with sludge, the R&D CE24 system did not get its regular decanting of the water used during the day. The R&D was filled to the top with water, with no safe way for the staff to remove the water causing the suction loss. This didn’t allow for any airflow at the top of the system. This caused the office to loose almost complete suction.

Solution 2

Replace the R&D CE24 with the LibertyBOSS, an amalgam separator guaranteed to never clog, as it is minimum 1 ½” throughout the system, with an airflow channel built into the system. This removes any human error from the dental staff. The LibertyBOSS requires no maintenance for up to 24 months in this 9 chair practice.

Ontario Regulations on Toxic Material

Issue 3

In Ontario, there is a limited amount of companies that will recycle the waste out of an R&D CE24 (Greenflow Environmental and ECS). From our understandings, both companies will not empty the R&D CE24 for your office, as they do not want to expose their staff to the methylmercury. They will supply you a bucket, and would require your office to empty out your system. At which point the recycling company will remove the bucket of toxic sludge from your practice. According to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change of Ontario, at no point can an amalgam separator filter, system or bucket of sludge remain in a dental practice for more than 90 days. Beyond 90 days, the office is considered to be “storing toxic sludge”.  This requires special licensing and bylaw changing in some cities.

Solution 3

Have a 0% exposure system like the M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS. Our amalgam separator is never required to be opened in a dental clinic. The whole system is replaced, with prepaid recycling, at the end of the service life.


Before                                                                                                                               After

rd beforeLibertyBOSS in place of the R&D CE24




After the installation of the LibertyBOSS the whole dental practice was relieved. They did not have to do ANY maintenance on their Amalgam Separator. Immediately after the install, the suction pump not only sounded like before but improved greatly.

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