What is the Real Cost of Buying, Installing and Maintaining an Amalgam Separator?

What is the Real Cost of Buying, Installing and Maintaining an Amalgam Separator?


Let’s put the high priced marketing plans aside for a minute and look at the real costs of amalgam separators. Most dental practitioners that I have met are so busy doing dentistry that there is precious little time to jump on the internet and research separators. For most dentists, it means spending a few minutes with his local dental distributor representative where he/she get their dental sundries. After all, they carry all these kinds of products, but do they? There are 8 or 9 different models of amalgam separators on the market these days. Each one is quite different from the other, so your rep will sell you the one his company has in stock.

You Need the Best Available Technology

The question actually is, whether that unit is, in fact, the best equipment for your practice. Like other products you use, there are several other similar products with their own benefits. They may or may not be better than the one that your supply company carries.

The issue of which separator to purchase is difficult. Most separators were designed in the mid 90’s or the early 2000’s. Let’s be honest, how many of you are driving 15-year-old cars, technology changes and that is a good thing.

Now, what is the real cost of purchasing an amalgam separator? Most supply companies only carry 2 or 3 systems and having studied the product available from them. I can tell you they are all carrying the old technology. With this type of technology, it usually includes brittle injection moulded plastic, filter changes, and additional recycling fees.

New technology usually means better function, easier use, and often (as in this case) a more economical piece of equipment. Obviously, the new technology will not be part of the discussion from the old technology representative.


The Answer

The bottom line is if you are looking to purchase a new separator, find one that has the latest technology, is easy to install, has a service life of up to three years and is maintenance free. You are supposed to be doing dentistry, not sludge recycling, or you can just buy a M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS amalgam separator, it does it all. Install it and forget about it.

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