How “M.A.R.S.” keeps you, your staff and your patients safe:

For most dental practices, the cost of replacing amalgam separator filters has been an unfortunate reality, until now. M.A.R.S Bio-Med Processes Inc. has a proven separator that is ISO certified at 99.9%, is easy to install and has a low annual cost.

ISO 11143 Certified at 99.9%, ADA tested at 99.4% and is the only separator in the world to receive the Canadian Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) certification from Environment Canada.

Finally, an amalgam separator that is completely self-contained and detachable. No more possible mercury spills at regular service or decanting intervals.

The unit is never opened in the facility because to do so could allow the release of pathogens and vaporous mercury that have been captured by the separator.

With its powerful ion exchange treatment capability, more than 99% of solid, aqueous, and vaporous mercury is removed, month after month for its entire service cycle, under real-life dental practice conditions.

No more semi-annual service hassles and disposal obligations. The “BOSS” separator requires no interim maintenance. And, at the end of each service cycle, simply have a certified technician remove the separator and have a new “BOSS” installed.

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