What an Amalgam Separator Specialist Knows Can Save Your Dental Practice Money

What an Amalgam Separator Specialist Knows Can Save Your Dental Practice Money


Watch to see how this could save your Dental Practice money. M.A.R.S Technical Specialist Jason Buyukozer shares his view on Amalgam Separators and pumps.

Video Transcript:

Hello, I’m Jason, I’m from M.A.R.S. Today is my first informal vlog (or video blog). Today I want to speak my mind about something that has been bothering me for these past five years I’ve been in the dental industry. I’ve heard countless times where doctors or technicians have told me that they have been told that a certain amalgam separator will not work with a certain pump. I’m here to tell you, every amalgam separator will work with every pump. If has told you otherwise, they are most likely not very well informed on amalgam separators or pumps. Or they’re trying to sell you something that they can supply you and don’t want you buying something they can’t supply.


Is the LibertyBOSS Right for Your Dental Practice?

Not to say that every amalgam separator is the same. If any of you have done your homework on amalgam separators or is a part of the M.A.R.S family. You understand that the LibertyBOSS is the only amalgam separator to have been independently studied to be the most environmentally friendly. And the best available technology in the industry.

That being said, if you ever leave the M.A.R.S family, and buy another amalgam separator I would never tell you that your new amalgam separator will never work with a new pump. Or any of those lies. I’ll give you straight fact. As most doctors who have left the M.A.R.S family have come back after using a few different systems. Because our’s is a no maintenance, low-cost system. That is extremely environmental, and the only amalgam separator to offer free advertising to your practice as an environmental dental practice. Showing your community that you are going over and beyond any requirements of amalgam separation. Protecting your community, your patients, and your practice.

LibertyBOSS is right for your dental practice

Make Sure You and Your Dental Practice is Well Informed

I hope this information was helpful, and thank you for allowing to vent a little bit. If you technician, or sales rep, or anybody in the dental community told you that your pump will not work with a certain amalgam separator or vice versa, please call the pump manufacturers or the amalgam separator manufacturers and ask them for yourselves. Don’t just take your technician’s or sales rep’s word for it. As maybe they don’t have the full information. They are just saying what they are told. But I am telling you, as an Amalgam Separator Specialist, every amalgam separator will work with every pump.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call M.A.R.S Bio-Med at 1-866-594-3648. Or visit us at marsbiomed.com. Thank you very much and have a great day.

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