M.A.R.S’ Time with the Suffolk County Dental Society

M.A.R.S’ Time with the Suffolk County Dental Society

Last week, M.A.R.S spent time in Ohio with both our Trusted Distributors and the Keely Dental Society. This week, M.A.R.S had the privilege to educate Dental Professionals on their EPA amalgam separator compliance once again. Because of the introduction made by Johnny Yuen of Dental Fix, the Suffolk County Dental Society had asked our Amalgam Separator compliance Expert, Jason Buyukozer, to provide a three hour CE Course on the EPA Regulation, amalgam separator compliance, and compliant evacuation line cleaner use.

Our blog today will outline our time with our Trusted Distributors and our CE Course with the Suffolk County Dental Society.

Trusted Distributor – IQ Dental

The first day of our trip, we were invited to meet with our Trusted Distributor IQ Dental in New Jersey. Our visit started with meeting Harold Kaufman, Service and Equipment Manager at IQ Dental. Harold has many years’ experience in the Dental Industry, a fact that is evident by his extensive knowledge of dental equipment and service. During our conversation and tour of IQ Dental’s showroom, it is no wonder IQ Dental’s customers are so well taken care of, with such a dedicated and educated team.

The next person we visited at IQ Dental was Bob Pisaeno, Operations Coordinator. Bob is responsible for many tasks at IQ, one of his main focuses is arranging the many CE Courses held by IQ Dental. In the next coming months, M.A.R.S and IQ Dental may be working together to provide the Tri-State area with an affordable CE Course to educate on easy EPA Compliance.

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During our visit, IQ Dental’s Head Service Technician, Brad Vollmer, was upgrading a Dental Practice to the LibertyBOSS. The LibertyBOSS is quickly becoming the amalgam separator of choice, as it is filter and maintenance free, offers free advertising as environmentally friendly, as well as guarantees the compliance of any Dental Practice with one installed in their mechanical room.

M.A.R.S is excited to continue to grow our relationship with IQ Dental.

Trusted Distributor – Dental Fix

During our trip to New York and New Jersey, M.A.R.S was able to spend some time with Jonathan Espinosa of Dental Fix Wayne, NJ. Though our time was brief, Jonathan was able to expand his already vast knowledge of EPA Compliance to help offer his clients an easier, more guaranteed route in having a compliant amalgam separator.


The next two Dental Fix Operators we spent time with was Johnny Yuen and Steve Holtzman during the CE Course at the Suffolk County Dental Society. Dental Fix were proud sponsors of the CE Course, happy to help Dental Professional improve their understanding of EPA Compliance.

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Suffolk County Dental Society

M.A.R.S was happy to have such an engaging and genuinely interested group of Dental Professionals. Even before beginning the presentation, many of the Dentist was asking questions, often trying to confirm the information provided by their Service Company.


Unfortunately, many of these members were misled with misinformation, mostly due to a lack of understanding from whoever shared their knowledge. Fortunately, most of the members were not affected by the misinformation, and for those who were, M.A.R.S was able to provide simple solutions to guarantee their compliance easily.

Some of the information these Dental Professionals were misinformed about was a non-existent “grandfathering” rule in the EPA Regulation, and what is in the discharge local regulators were interested in capturing. After the one hour CE Course, you can see the relief in the eyes of the Dentists, as they are now armed with the correct information on their compliance. The process was not as nearly complicate, nor costly as they had first thought.

Yankee Dental Congress

Next week the Yankee Dental Congress, and our next two blogs will be dedicated to highlighting the events, prizes and CE Courses held during the Conference. Wednesday’s blog will be providing a highlight of Trusted M.A.R.S Distributors who will be attending, an overview of our CE Course, information on how to free exhibit passes from M.A.R.S and a list of how you can enter to win any of our many giveaways during the Yankee Dental Congress.

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