Total Mercury Amalgam Capture and Containment


  • No maintenance or filter changes saving you money
  • Uses an ion exchange media that traps both solid and soluble mercury accord to POTW & EPA test protocols
  • Service life of up to 3 years based on practice actual usage
  • Largest sludge capacity on the market with 3,800 ml
  • Performance tested, independently verified – meets all EPA testing requirements
  • We use 1½” diameter lines to ensure clog free operation

LINZ 3 Pack

  • Easy and Safe to use
  • Non-foaming, pH neutral
  • Cost effective, only $0.53/chair
  • Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Microbial
  • Environmentally Friendly, 100% biodegradable
  • Safe for Dry-pump systems
  • PowerLINZ daily cleaner and CleanLINZ quarterly cleaner
  • Compliant with CDC BMP’s for cross contamination

The MARS Super Trap

The MARS SuperTrap uses advanced technology as a pre-treatment solution to reduce your mercury footprint without modification to your existing equipment. The MARS Super Trap replaces your existing chair side trap and works to reduce mercury and prophy buildup in your vacuum system.

Most popular trap numbers:

  • #5500pst
  • #5501pst
  • #5503pst
  • #5504pst
  • #5512pst
  • * other sizes available


  • System is capable of handling 16 chairs
  • Up to years service life based on usage
  • Trusted by dental colleges and military facilities
  • Captures soluble and solid mercury per EPA test protocols
  • Written guarantee of compliance
  • Complimentary recycling**
  • Free advertising program
  • Reduce your mercury footprint
  • No exposure to methylmercury
  • Full warranty coverage during service life

* * With installation of a new or replacement LibertyBOSS