The Training Sessions After the Pacific Dental Conference- Part 1

The Training Sessions After the Pacific Dental Conference- Part 1

Never has M.A.R.S received such amazing and overwhelming support from our Trusted Distributors during the Pacific Dental Conference. Read our blog from last week, to learn more about the M.A.R.S experience at the PDC.

Today’s blog was supposed to highlight the entire experience of our Technical Specialist, Jason Buyukozer, as he traveled across the West Coast of Canada training our Trusted Distributors on amalgam separators and evacuation line cleaner compliance. There have been so many great experiences during his trip; we could not fit it all into one blog. This Blog Series will be split into two parts; today’s blog will be focusing on M.A.R.S’ experience with Dental Fix and RX Equipment. Next week we will and the M.A.R.S experience with Patterson Dental West Coast Branches.

Training Dental Fix

M.A.R.S has been proudly working with Dental Fix for the past four years, as they offer an excellent service to the dental industry. This past week M.A.R.S has worked closely with Dental Fix owners from B.C. as well as the new addition in Alberta.

Dental Fix- B.C.: Darren and Colin Hartley

Darren colinThis father and son duo are taking the Surrey area by storm with their excellent service and trustworthy personalities. Darren and Colin are a great resource for Dental Practices in the Surrey, Abbotsford, and Mission areas who are looking for a Certified Amalgam Separator Expert. Dental Fix has received similar training on amalgam separator compliance as the Water Treatment Plant Inspectors; their knowledge will guarantee the compliance of any Dental Practice who uses their services.


Dental Fix – Alberta: Paige McCutcheon and David Johannsen

Though Dental Fix has only been in Alberta for eight months, they have been making a great name for themselves. Paige and David have been showing the DentPaige inspectionsal Industry in Calgary, the value, and service that can come from Dental Fix.

On March 14th, Paige and our Technical Specialist, Jason Buyukozer, conducted compliance consults across Calgary, traveling over 100 km to spread education on amalgam separator compliance. During the consultations, Paige and Jason had found that many Dental Practices in Calgary have non-compliant or improperly installed amalgam separators.

Certified Amalgam Separator Specialist Training

Later on Paige TrainingMarch 14th, David Johannsen met with Jason and Paige to complete the M.A.R.S Certified Amalgam Separator Specialist course. Both Paige and David tore apart each of the top six amalgam

separators sold in North America during this training. They wanted to make sure they knew each system inside out, to ensure they can provide their customers with the best available service.

Eager to Upgrade

Within 24 hours of their training, both Paige and David sold two LibertyBOSS, upgrading the Dental Industry to Best Available Technology in amalgam separation. Expect to hear a lot of great things from Dental Fix Alberta in the next coming months.

Training RX Equipment

PhilIn his past career, Phillip Potter was an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. Now he is changing the way Dental Professionals think of Independent Service Companies. Phil is extremely technical, and given the time, he can fix anything with perfect precision and quality. Coming from the Airline Industry, there was never room for error, Phil is bringing that drive for perfection to the Dental Industry.


A History of RX Equipment

RX Equipment was started because Phillip’s wife was in the Dental Industry. One day, while Phil was visiting his wife’s work, he was asked if he could fix a dental chair that no other company had luck fixing. After resolving the issue rather quickly and efficiently, Phil saw the chance of expanding his horizons and bring his skills to Dental Practice Repair.

Certified Amalgam Separator Specialist Training

Being a hands-on learner, Phillip got his specialized training on amalgam separators while on the road. Our Technical Specialist, Jason, joined Phil on many compliance consults. Before the end of the day, Phil was in the mechanical room with the Dental Staff, showing them how to ensure their compliance with simple preventative maintenance on their amalgam separator.

More Training Stories to Come

M.A.R.S is proud of our excellent family of Trusted Distributors. Next week Part Two of this Blog Series will be discussing our fantastic experience training with Patterson Dental West Coast.

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