The Training Sessions After the Pacific Dental Conference- Part 5

The Training Sessions After the Pacific Dental Conference- Part 5

M.A.R.S’ journey training Patterson Dental Canada’s West Coast Branches ended in Calgary, with multiple training sessions, working with both Sales Representatives and Service Technicians. Our last blog spoke about the Calgary Branch’s management, Robert Czerwonka (Branch Manager), and Brad Unger (Service Manager). Today’s blog will be focusing on the time our Technical Specialist, Jason Buyukozer has spent with their Service Team. Friday’s Blog, the last blog of this series, will be highlighting M.A.R.S’ time with Calgary’s Sales team.

It is unfortunate that not all members of the Calgary Team of which M.A.R.S met during our training session can be mentioned in this blog. Please note, just because they were not mentioned in this blog, does not take away from how amazing they are, or the tremendous work they do for Patterson Dental. You will have to keep updated on M.A.R.S’ blogs, as there will undoubtedly be more highlighting of Patterson Dental Canada and their amazing team members.

Enter the Realm of the Service Technician

Experienced and new Patterson Service Technicians all understand the value M.A.R.S brings to their clients. The Calgary Branch Technicians get a daily reminder with M.A.R.S information secured at the entrance to the Technician’s office.

Calgary Tech Entrence

M.A.R.S’ strong presences in the minds of the Calgary Service Technicians means most of the experienced Service Technicians are already M.A.R.S Certified Amalgam Separator Specialists. The experience at the Calgary Branch is why we split up our training sessions on March 16th, 2018 into two groups; new Patterson Service Technicians and experienced Patterson Service Technicians.

The new Service Technicians received the M.A.R.S amalgam separator certification course, while experienced Service Technicians received a stronger understanding of evacuation line cleaners.

New Service Technicians

The Calgary Branch does not have very many new Service Technicians, they have kept a substantial group of experienced Technicians. That being said, the new Technicians they have recently added to the team are truly astonishing people and fit right into Patterson Dental’s fantastic culture. Each of them picked up on the information during our training very quickly, expanding their already impressive knowledge and experience.

Chris Collier – Certified Amalgam Separator Specialist

Though Chris is newer to Patterson Dental, he has already proved himself to be a great asset to the Calgary Branch. Brad Unger has left Chris in charge of ensuring the amalgam separator compliance of every client of the Calgary Branch. It was undeniable that Chris has taken this job very seriously; he was completely engaged throughout the amalgam separator certification course.

Chris is now one of the many M.A.R.S Certified Amalgam Separator Specialist at the Calgary Branch. If you are a Dental Practice in Calgary, and you are lucky enough to get to work with Chris, be sure to take him up on his offer for a FREE Compliance Consult.

Experienced Service Technicians

Patterson’s Calgary Branch has a great group of experienced Service Technicians. Each offering their expertise in the Dental Industry, but all sharing their knowledge and appreciation for the M.A.R.S brand of amalgam separators (LibertyBOSS) and evacuation line cleaners (PowerLINZ and CleanLINZ).

Paul and Mario

Two Patterson Calgary Service Technicians who are well known in the Calgary Dental Community is Paul Smith and Mario Audia. Before both of these Service Technicians made a name for themselves in the Dental Industry, they both had long-term experience working in technical fields. Paul was an Electronic Technician in the British Army for over 20 years before joining Patterson Dental. Mario was a Millwright for over 30 years, gaining a vast experience fixing intricate mechanical devices. Together, these Service Technicians has nearly 20 years of combined experience in the Dental Industry, deserving respect as talented Dental Technicians.

15 chair practice

The Rural Technician

Patterson Dental reaches the far corners of Canada to services the Canadian Dental Industry. This means they have Technicians who live far from their Branches, often too far to join specialized training like the M.A.R.S. Certified Amalgam Separator Specialist training.

Luckily, Patterson and their Technicians are dedicated to providing their clients the best available service. This is why M.A.R.S works with Patterson and their Technicians to offer online courses for their most rural Technicians, leaving no Service Technician untrained.

Glen Godwin – Thunder Bay

As you may have guessed, Glen has a very rural territory, servicing the Thunder Bay area. Though newer to Patterson Dental, Glen has worked in the Dental Industry as a Service Technician for years. In 2016, Glen had joined the Patterson Team, eager to learn about a no maintenance option for amalgam separation. Since then Glen has been actively upgrading Dental Practices to the M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS.

For those of you in the Thunder Bay area lucky enough to have Glen service your area, be sure to contact him for a FREE Compliance Consult. Our next blog will be discussing Glen’s partner in Upgrading Thunder Bay to the M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS, Mandy Solly.

Group install

Training Session – Part 6: Sales Team

M.A.R.S had a great experience working with Patterson Dental across the Canadian West Coast. Friday’s blog will be the last of this Blog Series, and it will be focusing on the Sales Team at the Calgary Branch.

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