The Training Sessions After the Pacific Dental Conference- Part 6

The Training Sessions After the Pacific Dental Conference- Part 6

Today marks the last day of this Blog Series, highlighting M.A.R.S’s experience with Patterson Dental’s West Coast Branches. The entire trip was a fantastic experience for our Technical Specialist, Jason Buyukozer. Patterson Dental Canada should be proud of the dedicated and talented individuals at each of their Branches. Our first blog of this series spoke about our time with Patterson’s Vancouver Branch and their incredible new Service Technicians. The second blog of this series explored our day with the Edmonton Branch, highlighting the new team created by Branch Manager Casey Moore, and Service Manager Brad Hambleton. Our fourth and fifth blogs had described our time with the Calgary Branch’s Management and Service Technicians.Today we will be looking into Jason’s time with Calgary’s high energy and devoted Sales Team.

Small Disclaimer

As we have stated in our previous Blog, unfortunately, we are not able to mention everyone we met during our training with Patterson Dental. In no way does this take away from how dedicated and amazing they are, or the tremendous work they do for Patterson Dental. There will be more blogs in the future highlighting Patterson Dental and their Team of dedicated Sales, Technicians and Support Staff.

Warm Welcomes from Calgary’s Sales Team during Training Session

From the moment M.A.R.S entered the Calgary Branch, you could feel the high level of energy coming from the boardroom where Calgary’s Manager, Robert Czerwonka, had an entire day of training planned for his Sales Team.

Anyone who may have done educational sessions in the past, you may have experienced how much of a toll a full day of training could take. By the time our Technical Specialist had his time slot to train the Calgary Sales Representatives on Evacuation Line Cleaners, he had expected to be working with a tired Sales Team. Jason was surprised to find the high level of excitement and responsiveness during his training session. This level of professionalism is why M.A.R.S chooses to work with Patterson Dental.


Colin Jones

If you are looking for an experienced Sales Representative, look no further than Colin Jones. Colin has been a part of the Patterson Team for nearly 20 years, and it is clear he loves it. His enthusiasm and passion were quite evident when Colin greeted our Technical Specialist in the halls of the Calgary Branch. As Jason was awaiting his turn to speak with the Sales Team, Colin came into the hall to advise Jason they were running a little behind schedule. Instead of going back to the training session, Colin decided to keep speaking with Jason, eagerly inquiring about further benefits of the M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS for his clients.

Colin was aware the LibertyBOSS was a NO maintenance system that averages to be 50% less expensive than any other amalgam separator. The quality and value of the LibertyBOSS is why Colin always recommends a LibertyBOSS, but he wanted to know more. One new program Colin was not aware of at the time was the Free Advertising Program attached to the M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS.

As our blog followers know, the LibertyBOSS has been independently studied to be the Best Available Technology in Amalgam Separation. The technology in the LibertyBOSS is why any Dental Practice with a M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS is a Green Practice and gets FREE Advertising as Environmentally Friendly. Upon learning this, Colin jumped onto our Find a Dentist App to find all of his customers are getting free advertising because he recommended they upgraded to a LibertyBOSS.

Calgary Customers (1)

M.A.R.S is happy that Patterson Dental have a Sales Representative like Colin. His constant drive and excitement to assist his clients is the reason M.A.R.S has been partnered with Patterson Dental for nearly ten years.

Aladin Sehic

Probably one of Patterson’s most diverse team member, Aladin has held many different positions at the Calgary Branch. When he first joined Patterson in 2012, he began as their Service Coordinator. Being the Service Coordinator gave Aladin a deep understanding of client service requests, technician availability, service level targets, as well as overseeing parts and equipment concerning orders, warranties, and repairs. In 2013, Aladin moved to the position of Technology Specialist, working in conjunction with Territory Sales Representatives, where he demonstrated, educated, and trained prospective clients on new technologies. The next logical position for Aladin was to move to Service Manager, where he did a fantastic job allowing M.A.R.S to work with his team to build a group of M.A.R.S Certified Amalgam Separator Specialists. In 2017, Aladin felt it time to take his knowledge and talents to another position in the Calgary Branch, Sales Representative.

For those of you lucky enough to have Aladin service your area, just know, you are fortunate to have a well-rounded Sales Representative.

Mandy Solly

M.A.R.S is extremely happy to have a Patterson Sales Representative like Mandy in Thunder Bay. In 2016, Mandy joined the Patterson Team from another Dental Company. Up to this point, M.A.R.S did not have a Sales Representative in Thunder Bay that had such an appreciation for the value that the M.A.R.S brand brings to their clients. Since 2016, Mandy and her Service Technician, Glen Godwin, have been actively focusing their efforts to upgrade Thunder Bay’s amalgam separators, one LibertyBOSS at a time.

Dental Practices in Mandy’s territory are most likely already aware of her incredible need for knowledge, she is always searching for better options to provide her clients. Before Mandy officially joined Patterson Dental, she contacted M.A.R.S to get information on our products and company. Since M.A.R.S is very selective about whom we work with, Mandy never had access to our products until she joined Patterson Dental. After completing her research on our products she contacted us, stating “such a great system…just sold two.”

If you are a Dental Practice in the Thunder Bay area and have not had the pleasure of meeting with Mandy, do yourself a favour and arrange a meet and greet. M.A.R.S offers a guarantee you will not be sorry that you did.

Group install (1)

Shannon Anderson

M.A.R.S is continuously blown away by Shannon Anderson during our annual training sessions at the Calgary Branch. Shannon has a dedication to her clients and her craft, always well informed but thirsty for more information. In every training session, Shannon had helpful information to add to M.A.R.S’ presentations. Something we are forever grateful for as we are ultimately there to educate and inform.

During this year’s educational session on evacuation line cleaners, Shannon expressed her belief and appreciation for the quality of the M.A.R.S brand of amalgam separators and evacuation line cleaners, an extremely helpful gesture as it is M.A.R.S’ experience, Patterson Sales Representatives will not just suggest any product to their clients. The products Patterson sells are products they whole heartily believe in and know to be the best option for their clients.

Dental Practices who have Shannon servicing their area know that she is a very experienced and well-informed Sales Representative. Shannon is successful at her job because any product she recommends, she knows it is the best suit for the needs of her clients.

Railways ave

More to Come

This ends M.A.R.S’ journey to Patterson’s West Coast Branches. M.A.R.S had an amazing time with each of the Branches and cannot wait for the next time we meet.

Stay tuned to learn about M.A.R.S’ experience with the Service Technicians and Sales Representatives at Patterson’s Ottawa Branch on June 1st.

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