Amalgam Separator User Manual Breakdown Air Techniques Acadia: Part 1 Pre-Installation

Amalgam Separator User Manual Breakdown Air Techniques Acadia: Part 1 Pre-Installation

Today we will be reviewing the Air Techniques Acadia, an amalgam separator that was created by one of the largest manufacturers of mechanical room equipment. Though this system is due to be replaced by its predecessor “Acadia Plus,” constant delays in its released still leaves their current model as the Acadia.

Thank you for following us on this journey to learning how to read the User Manuals of the top six amalgam separators sold in North America. Our first segment started with the amalgam separator that requires the least amount of work, maintenance or inspection, the M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS.

no maintenance

Currently, there are two Air Techniques Acadia systems, the standard Acadia and the Acadia Alert. The only difference between the two systems is the Acadia Alert has an alarm system that notifies the office when the filter needs to be changed or serviced.

Air Techniques Acadia

We will begin this multiple part series on the Air Techniques amalgam separator. Our first blog of the series will be reviewing the Pre-Installation Guide, Unpacking, and Assembly of the Air Techniques Acadia.


Of all the amalgam separators we have done in this series thus far, the Acadia has the most extensive and detailed manual. Before considering the Acadia, or its predecessor, you may want to read the Acadia “Pre-Installation Guide.” The two-page guide assists the Dental Professional in choosing the correct location in the mechanical room to install an amalgam separator and how to ensure you have the adequate space to accommodate the Acadia. Please see the diagrams below;

Air Techniques Acadia

Air Techniques Acadia also adds a disclaimer, often shared by many amalgam separator manufacturers regarding the location of the amalgam separator. An amalgam separator should not be installed on the discharge of a wet or dry vacuum system; it severely affects the efficiency of any amalgam separator as the discharge will exceed ISO 11143 testing standards.

Air Techniques Acadia

Following the Pre-Installation Guide, you will receive a twenty-page user manual, which includes installation, maintenance, inspection and disposal instructions.

The installation instructions of the Air Techniques Acadia is quite detailed, as the system has many parts and different configurations in which it can be assembled. Though the user manual may be long and there may be a lot of parts included with the Acadia, all the segments of the Acadia do fit together in an obvious way. It is like a large puzzle, with parts that fit together rather easily.

Unpacking the Air Techniques Acadia

Before beginning, unpack the system and its supplied parts to ensure you received everything you need to perform your installation. If a part is missing, it is best to contact Air Techniques to get the part or parts ordered before you start the installation process.

Parts included

Air Techniques Acadia Assembly

Like a cruel Ikea installation guide, the Acadia does not come pre-assembled, this is mostly due to its ability to switch its inlet and outlet orientation, for a more custom fit to the mechanical room. Every mechanical room is designed. Differently, Air Techniques has designed the Acadia to have the ability to rotate its inlet an outlet ports 180 degrees as well as offered two 90 degree elbows for tighter mechanical room installations.

Mount Assembly

As indicated in the Pre-Installation Guide, you first must choose the placement of the Acadia in the mechanical room. From there you can begin assembling the system to fit the installation requirements. The Acadia comes in the box with the inlet of the system left mounted, if you want to change the orientation of the inlet, you must start disassembling and reassembling the Acadia to its mount.

Air Techniques Acadia

If you have purchased the Acadia Alert, this step is where you will take advantage of the face mount being removed to install the electronics. M.A.R.S will review the guidelines on the Acadia Alert installation in another segment of this blog series.

Parts Assembly

Like a 3D puzzle, the fittings of the Acadia’s inlet and outlet plumbing parts will only fit one way. Air Techniques do offer additional 90-degree elbows to be used in tight installations. When installing the solids collector on the inlet of the Acadia, be sure it is easily accessible as you will be required to inspect and recycle the contents of the container on a weekly basis.

inlet outlet assembly

Speaking from experience, be careful when inserting the retaining clips in place, they should insert into their given location fairly easily, don’t force them as they can break. Now you have completed the assembly of the upper chamber; the last task is to install the collection container.

filter assembly

It is as simple as placing the filter over the hole of the upper chamber and twisting the collection container counterclockwise until the filter locks in place.

Air Techniques Acadia Continued

Please follow our next blog on Friday to finish the installation instructions of the Acadia amalgam separator.

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