Amalgam Separator User Manual Breakdown: Air Techniques Acadia – Part 6 Disposal

Amalgam Separator User Manual Breakdown: Air Techniques Acadia – Part 6 Disposal

We have nearly reached the end of the segment on the Air Techniques Acadia amalgam separator. So far we have reviewed the Pre-Installation, Assembly, Installation, Inspection, Troubleshooting and the Maintenance of this unit. The proper handling and disposal procedures of the Air Techniques is the last to be reviewed.


For those of you following this series, our first segment started with the amalgam separator that requires the least amount of work, maintenance, cost, or inspection, the M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS.

no fail

Recycling and Replacement of the Air Techniques Acadia

When the Air Techniques Acadia filter is due for changing, the inlet basket is cleaned weekly, or if the inlet basket has to be replaced, there are procedures to follow.

NOTE: Just like how it is with all filter based amalgam separators, you are introducing yourself to methylmercury every time a filter is changed. It is highly recommended to protect yourself from exposure by wearing;

-Long Clothing
-Respirator rated for mercury gases

The Personal Protection Equipment listed above should be worn every time you perform the tasks below on the Air Techniques Acadia.

Air Techniques Acadia Filter Replacement

When your Air Techniques Acadia has a full filter you will need to contact your Air Techniques distributor to order a recycling kit. The image below lists the items that come in a recycling kit.

replacement kit com

Step 1 – Unpacking

Remove the contents from the box, be sure to keep everything, including the box, as it will be reused to send back the old filter. Make sure that all contents listed in the photo have arrived with the new filter.

Box removal

Step 2 – Disinfection

Air Techniques provides two methods when disinfecting the used filter, before sending it off for recycling.

NOTE: Do not use harsh chemicals like bleach or cleaners with the pH outside the range of 6-8, as it will release the mercury out of the filter in a dissolved form.

Suggestion 1 – Through the Acadia Inlet

Air Techniques recommends this method be used to disinfect their filter before switching, as it does not require the need for a funnel or any other tool.

Essentially, you pull the retaining pin holding the inlet fittings together, so you can pour a mixed solution of 1 liter of water and cleaner into the Acadia system. The photo below offers an easy to follow step by step processes.disinfect 1

Unfortunately, this recommendation does not work if the upper chamber is clogged and the system has been sent into by-pass, similar to the photo below.

Upper chamber (1)

Suggestion 2 – Through the Filter Inlet (See Step 3 to learn how to remove the filter)

If the upper chamber of the Acadia is full of material, the suggestion of disinfection by pouring the solution through the Acadia inlet will not be effective. When any filter based amalgam separator is sent into by-pass (clogged upper chamber), water and any other sediment entering the system will not reach the filter, making the process pointless. Please read Part 4 of this blog series to learn what to do if the upper chamber of the Acadia is clogged.

If the upper chamber is clogged, and you wish to replace the Acadia filter still, the only way to get the disinfection solution into the filter is to pour the solution into the ½” opening of the used filter with the use of a funnel. The diagram below provides simple steps to complete this process.disinfect 2

Step 3 – Remove the Used Filter

When preparing to remove the used Acadia filter from the system, ensure you have all the items from the disposal packet within an arm’s reach of you.

1) Slip the provided Ziplock over the filter

2) While the suction is running, holding the Ziplock and the filter then twist the filter ¼ turn to the right. The filter should drop.

3) Place the used filter to the side, grab the new filter, slide it in place and twist it until it locks in place on the Acadia’s upper chamber.

4) Record the installation date on the filter

5) Place the cap plug and the filter cap on the used filter.

seal unit

6) Place sealed and Ziplocked Acadia filter into the box of the new filter.


Step 4 – Shipping

Once the Acadia filter has been sealed in the box, Air Techniques states “Make arrangements for proper disposal of the Solid Collection Filter and its contents in accordance with all local, state and/or federal laws and regulations.” Which sounds the Acadia filter does not come with recycling pre-paid, that comes at an additional cost.

Recycling of the Solids Collector

Mentioned many times during the blog series on the Acadia, the inlet filter of this system requires special handling and disposal.

Bio-film trap (toxic waste)

While wearing protective equipment;

– turn on the suction pump
– twist the basket to the left, to unlock the basket
– clean out the basket into your mercury disposal container
– twist the basket back into its locked position on the inlet of the Acadia
– turn the suction back on

Recycling of the Entire Unit

If you Acadia has been left neglected and your system has been sent into by-pass, it may be more economical just simply to replace the entire unit.

Install 6

If you replace any filter based amalgam separator, it is important to remember; the entire unit has to be recycled. Both the filter and the upper chamber of the system requires recycling because they both contain high levels of mercury, especially if the system was neglected to the point of being put into by-pass.

Below is a simple way to seal the whole Acadia unit for recycling.

The use of the Fernco rubber couplers makes sealing the inlet and outlet of the Acadia very simple, especially with the use of the 1 ½” clean-out plugs provided with each LibertyBOSS amalgam separator. All the tools you would need is a 5/16” nut driver. Simply place the clean-out plug into one end of the rubber coupler and tighten the hose clamp, then slide the open end of the coupler on to the inlet of the Acadia, then tighten the hose clamp. Repeat that process for the outlet.

Once the inlet and outlet of the Acadia are sealed, it will fit perfectly in the 5 mil bag and LibertyBOSS box provided with every LibertyBOSS Upgrade Kit.

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We have finally completed the journey through the user manual of the Air Techniques Acadia amalgam separator. The last amalgam separator to have its user manual reviewed by M.A.R.S is the R&D amalgam collectors.


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