You Can Win a Prize by Reading this Blog: Highlighting Possible Discussion Points of Blogs to Come

You Can Win a Prize by Reading this Blog: Highlighting Possible Discussion Points of Blogs to Come

Every week we release a blog on subjects that are actively on the mind of Dental Professionals in North America. As the industry and information changes, so do the content of our blogs. Today we will be highlighting possible discussion points of blogs to come.

The North American Dental Industry is a vast network of conflicting opinions, overwhelming regulations, and continuously evolving standards. There is enough information on just the topics of amalgam separators, evacuation line cleaners and EPA Compliance to make anyone’s head spin. M.A.R.S’ weekly blogs are our attempt to be the beacon of light through the fog of misinformation plaguing the Dental Industry.

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Up Next for M.A.R.S Blog

The titles and topics of these upcoming blogs could change over the next coming weeks, the goal of today’s blog is to provide our followers with some blogs to look forward to reading.

Blog- The Truth Behind some Association Endorsements

Many Dental Professionals do not necessarily have the time to thoroughly research the products and services they require for their Practice. As it is often with many Dentist, they look to their Dental Associations for guidance, placing their trust in their Associations’ recommendation. The general hope is that a trusted Association would do the responsible task of researching the products and services before making an endorsement.

This blog will be shining the light on the criteria in which some trusted Dental Associations make their product recommendations to their members.

Blog- A False Belief in Peer-Reviewed Products

Some companies in the Dental Industry offer peer reviews on a large variety of products, often giving praise to products and companies that deserve recognition for their high quality. Unfortunately, many of these reviews cannot be taken for face value as the way a study or survey has been complete can skew the results, offering a bias recommendation.

This goal of this blog is to help Dental Professionals determine the legitimacy of a peer-reviewed product.

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Blog- How to Read Amalgam Separator User Manuals

A significant requirement of the EPA Regulation that is often overlooked is the inspection and maintenance of amalgam separators. Most amalgam separators have a long and complicated user manual with the vital information that is often hidden.

It is essential to know what to look for in system’s user manual when making a decision to purchase an amalgam separator, or wanting a better understanding on how to have your current amalgam separator keep you compliant.

This blog will be going through the user manuals of the top six amalgam separators sold in North America, highlighting everything you should know about each system.

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Bl0g- Find a Dentist App – How to Take Advantage of FREE Advertising

Many of our loyal followers know the M.A.R.S LibertyBOSS amalgam separator is the PROVEN Best Available Technology in amalgam separation. Any doctor who makes the conscious choice to install the Best Available Technology in amalgam separation will get FREE advertising as Environmentally Friendly.

Stay tuned for this blog, as it will show you how to take full advantage of our revenue generating program.

What Would You Like to See?

Is there a topic you haven’t see us write about? Are you confused about amalgam separators, evacuation line cleaners or the EPA Regulation and you can’t find the answer online? Contact us at with your question or blog topic. If we choose your question, you will win a case of our LINZ 3 Pack Evacuation Line Cleaner, a $265 value.

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