M.A.R.S Invades the Yankee Dental Congress for the First Time! Last Day

M.A.R.S Invades the Yankee Dental Congress for the First Time! Last Day

M.A.R.S has to thank Yankee Dental Congress, our Trusted Distributors and the Dental Professionals who attended the conference, for making this whole event such a success. Throughout the three day event, M.A.R.S built stronger relationships with our Trusted Distributors, helped educate over 200 Dental Professionals on amalgam separator maintenance and compliance, as well as meet with some members of our extremely happy family of environmentally friendly dental practices.

In addition to a successful CE Course, M.A.R.S was invited to speak at multiple Dental Events and Conferences. It has been a long time since Massachusetts Dental Professionals had authority in amalgam separation, like M.A.R.S, made themselves available to offer honest and factual information.

Environmentally Friendly Dental Practice

M.A.R.S Bio-Med would like to thank Dr. Yuko Torigoe, DMD, AIAOMT for her kind words about our products during the Yankee Dental Congress. We are happy to have her as a member of our family of environmentally friendly dental practices.

Dr. Torigoe has been using our products since she opened her practice two and a half years ago. Not once has she had to pay more money on her amalgam separator costs, experienced suction loss, or even had to pay attention to the unit? Being a Holistic Dentist, Dr. Torigoe loves that the LibertyBOSS has been independently studied to be the best available technology, making anyone with a LibertyBOSS an environmentally friendly dental practice.

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CE Course at Yankee Dental Congress

M.A.R.S had a solid turn out during our CE Course. We would like to once again thank Yankee Dental Congress for choosing M.A.R.S to speak during the 2019 Congress. There were so many Dental Professionals who were misinformed about their compliance by their service and sales representatives.

After our short one hour course, it was obvious to the over 200 Dental Professional we spoke with throughout the Yankee Dental Congress, that M.A.R.S is providing the RIGHT information. We were able to not only help Dentists better understand their current unit, but offer better, less expensive alternatives to their old filter technology.

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Blog to set things Straight

The one downside to doing this event, M.A.R.S learned the negative slanderous campaigns our biggest competitors had to resort to in order to compete against the LibertyBOSS. Among many minor lies, like “they are not in business anymore,” or “never heard about an amalgam separator that lasts three years without maintenance,” one lie stood out. “Their Canadian system is not legal in the US.” After we finish our Blog Series “Are You Getting the Service You Paid For? The Costs of a Non-compliant Amalgam Separator” M.A.R.S will tackle clarifying what International means in International Organization for Standards means for those M.A.R.S competitors who don’t know.

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